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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 48 - Entering Wonder Tower

Check out part 49 of this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and find out how to get into Wonder Tower and stop Protocol Ten.


Hugo Strange: Any attempt to approach will be considered as an act of escape and will be met with extreme force. Rule two; All prisoners must surrender themselves for full psychiatric examination when requested. Failure to surrender...

Fiona Wilson: It's you.

Batman: I told you I'd be back.

Fiona Wilson: Well, you took your time. It's crazy back there. First, Joker's men came down here and started setting up camp. I did what you said and hid but...

Batman: What happened?

Fiona Wilson: There were guards. You know, the ones that work for Strange. They came down and started killing everyone. It was a blood bath.

Batman: It sounds like Strange is trying to cover his tracks. You seem to be good at hiding, doctor. Stay here and do it again. I'll deal with guards in that room.

TYGER Guard: Got something!

TYGER 43: That's the last one. Area secure! TYGER 43 to tower. The room is secure. All new inmates are neutralized.

Hugo Strange: Well done. Protocol 10 is progressing beautifully.

Hugo Strange: As we move to the final stage of Protocol 10, I would like to congratulate all TYGER forces on this wonderful achievement. As I look at the screens in front of me I can see that we are rapidly approaching fatalities of 22 percent. My projections show that within three hours, every single inmate of Arkham City will be dead and Protocol 10 will move into stage two. By the end of the month, new camps in Keystone and Metropolis will open; each modeled after Arkham City. You should all be proud of your part in this. We are the solution this world needs. We are the future.

TYGER Guard: Huh?

TYGER Guard: Smoke.

Hugo Strange: Check your numbers.

TYGER Guard: Target has deployed smoke to escape. Target is now moving.

TYGER Guard: Target is moving this way.

TYGER Guard: Huh?

TYGER Guard: Anyone got eyes on the target?

TYGER Guard: Target has vanished.

Hugo Strange: This is unacceptable. I taught you better this. Oh, Batman, this is not over.

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