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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 54 - Retrieve Catwoman's Loot

Check out part 55 of this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and retrieve Catwoman's loot from Two-Face in the Museum.


Catwoman: Time to get my things and quit this damn town for good.

Inmate: Any chance of some warm clothes down here? Least they could do is send in a couple burgers.

Catwoman: Home sweet home.

Inmate: Is she dead?

Inmate: Hang on! She's wakin' up!

Inmate: Damn it! What are we gonna do?

Inmate: Kill her again!

Catwoman: Where are my things? Tell me, or I'll slice you apart, piece by piece.

Inmate: Two-Face has got 'em! He's at the museum. Okay?

Catwoman: Thanks. So you decided to come crawling back then, Harv. Pity. Oh, well. Time for this kitten to teach you some manners once and for all.

Inmate: It's Catwoman!

Inmate: This is where you're gonna die!

Inmate: You're gonna die tonight!

Inmate: He looked pretty pleased with himself, didn't he?

Inmate: Yeah. Don't think I've ever seen the boss so happy.

Inmate: Catwoman is here.

Inmate: Dodge this, Catbitch!

Inmate: Your mommy won't know who you are when we're done!

Inmate: You won't be walking out of here!

Inmate: Gotham City is where you're gonna die!

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