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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 55 - Boss Fight - Two-Face

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and retrieve Catwoman's loot from Two-Face in the Museum.


Inmate 1: How deep do you think it is?

Inmate 2: Deep enough to hold one big-ass shark.

Inmate 3: I still can't believe Penguin's got a shark in here.

Inmate 2: That's nothing. He also had some kind of monster under the Iceberg Lounge.

Inmate 1: Monster?

Inmate 2: Yeah, some giant dead-lookin' thing.

Inmate 3: That is...Catwoman! She's here!

Two-Face: Don't let me down. When she gets here, I want her dead! Keep looking. She could be here already. What are you waiting for? Help me!

Inmate 4: Don't let her get away!

Inmate 5: Huh?

Two-Face: What are you waiting for? Help me!

Inmate 6: New plan. We search the room for the bitch. Look everywhere. We'll find her and when we do, she's dead.

Inmate 7: What?

Two-Face: No!

Catwoman: Sorry, Harv. This really isn't your night, is it? Now tell me where you've hidden the rest of my stuff or I'll even out the other side of your face.

Two-Face: I only took half. The rest I gave away. I win, bitch.

Catwoman: Enough with the two's already. It just keeps getting you into trouble. Just couldn't keep away, huh? Can't say I blame you.

Batman: There's still work to do here in Arkham City.

Catwoman: Good luck with that. Some enterprising individuals decided to help themselves to my things. I intend to get it all back.

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