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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 50 - Hugo Strange

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and find out how to beat Hugo Strange and stop Protocol Ten.


Oracle: You're running out of time. Strange is killing everyone in that place.

Batman: I'm nearly at the top. I'll stop him.

Oracle: I know. How did he ever manage all this? He's killed hundreds of people and he's got full authorization from the city. It's insane.

Batman: He's working with someone. I intend to find out who the moment I stop Protocol Ten.

TYGER Helicopter: We have multiple causalities. TYGER command, we're at the tower, no sign of Batman.

Hugo Strange: Continue your search.

TYGER Helicopter: Affirmative, sweeping the tower. No sign of Batman on the tower, sir.

Hugo Strange: Good. Perhaps he has fallen. Move your search to the lower sections.

TYGER Helicopter: Affirmative, command. Casualties in Sector Three are high. Returning to base.

Hugo Strange: The Batman is a worthy foe. He is dangerous, but not unbeatable.

Hugo Strange: This is not acceptable. Find him. Find him now!

TYGER Guard: Casualty. My location. Target spotted.

Hugo Stranger: Are you blind? Batman's over there!

Man: He's moving this way.

Hugo Strange: Batman's over there! He is in that room with you. Somewhere. Perhaps you wish to die here, Mr. Wayne. That can be arranged.

Hugo Strange: Can you hear me, Mr. Wayne? Of course you can. Understand this: You cannot defeat me. I am untouchable.

Hugo Strange: You have not won. You cannot win, I, Hugo Strange, am your successor. I have saved Gotham.

Batman: Oracle, shut this place down.

Oracle: My pleasure.

Hugo Strange: You've ruined everything. Get your hands off me.

Batman: Look what you have done.

Hugo Strange: It's glorious, isn't it?

Batman: You're finished, Strange.

Hugo Strange: I have powerful friends, Batman. This is just the beginning. You cannot stop me, soon I will command forces beyond your comprehension. I have achieved what the great Batman could never do. Gotham will forever thank Hugo. . . Strange?

Ra's: Your part in this is over, Professor Strange.

Hugo Strange: Why? I did everything you wanted.

Ra's: Indeed. You clearly demonstrated that Batman is better than you. Let him die, Detective.

Batman: He was your puppet, Ra's. Why?

Hugo Strange: You said I could replace you... This was.. our vision.

Ra's: And you failed to see it through.

Hugo Strange: But.

Ra's: When you came to me with Batman's identity, I gave you this chance to prove your worth, providing you with limitless resources for your plan. You came close, but you have failed me.

Batman: He's going to die Ra's. He needs medical attention: now!

Ra's: Do as you wish, Detective. He is already dead to me.

Hugo Strange: I'm so close...just give me more time.

Ra's: Too late. I don't give people second chances. This is a good day, Detective.

Batman: Good? People are dying!

Ra's: The world will not miss them, why should you? Look at my work. You may have defeated strange, but this, this is just the beginning. Come with me, we will wipe this world clean.

Batman: Never. You're wrong, Ra's. You've become what you've always fought against, and I will stop you.

Ra's: I doubt it.

Hugo Strange: Computer: Activate Protocol 11.

Ra;s: What are you doing?

Hugo Strange: Pass code: Wayne.

Ra's: No!

Oracle: Get out of there.

Ra's: No, no, no, no.

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