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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 41 - Steel Mill - Joker

Check out part 42 of this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and infiltrate the Sionis Steel Mill (again).


Batman: But they gave him permission, didn't they?

Hugo Strange: Good evening. Protocol Ten will commence in 30 minutes. You all have specific orders for this situation: follow them.

Oracle: Do you still need an answer? Bruce, I don't like this. Be careful.

Dr. Stacy Baker: Oh God. It's you! I'm sorry.

Batman: It's all right. You're safe.

Dr. Stacy Baker: You're lucky! I could have killed you with this thing.

Batman: Believe me, doctor. When someone takes a swing at me with a pipe, they don't get the chance to apologize. What's been happening?

Dr. Stacy Baker: I did what you said. I stayed out sight and kept an eye on what they were up to. They've been placing things on the floor in the next room. I don't know what they are.

Batman: Sounds like Joker's trying to stop me with mines.

Dr. Stacy Baker: Will it work?

Batman: Do I look worried?

Dr. Stacy Baker: Worried? No. Sick? Very. You look terrible.

Batman: Don't worry about me. Get back to wherever you've been hiding. I'll deal with the mines.

Inmate 1: And then she said, "Not even with yours".

Inmate 2: That's funny, man. And then what? Did she do it?

Inmate 1: Course she did! I mean look at me, I'm gorgeous!

Inmate 2: So what's the deal with J? He looks better, right?

Inmate 1: Huh? It came from over here! I'm sure of it! I'm not scared! You hear me? I'm not scared of you!

Inmate 3: Where the hell are you?

Joker: He's making you idiots look like fools. That's my job!

Inmate 4: Where are you?

Inmate 1: I'll find you. Can you hear me? I'll find you!

Inmate 4: Mine in position. Priming now!

Inmate 1: Oh, you want to hide in the dark? Good luck!

Inmate 5: What?

Inmate 4: I'm sure it came from over there!

Inmate 1: Time to die! I've got him! He's over here!

Inmate 3: I'll cover the door!

Joker: Oooh. I think I just heard someone's skull cracking against that nice hard floor. Mind the bloody puddle.

Batman: That thug's armed with proximity mines.

Inmate 1: You heard the Joker!

Inmate 4: Oh this ain't happening... I've got another man down over here!

Inmate 1: What are you doing? I need help!

Inmate 4: This cannot be happening.

Joker: Hey, Batman. You took out those idiots like a man who hasn't only got hours left to live. Well done. I'll be seeing you soon. I can't wait.

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