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How to Increase Your Video Views on YouTube

Learn how to increase video views from Fullscreen founder George Strompolos in this Howcast video about how to make money online with YouTube.


Hi, my name is George Strompolos. I'm the CEO and founder of Fullscreen. We help people grow their channels on YouTube with business services, technology support, and advertising opportunities. And today we're going to be talking about how to earn money on YouTube.

How to increase video views — that's the golden question, right? The simple answer, which is the answer no one really likes to hear, is make good content. Typically if you make videos that are interesting to a wide enough group of people, they will find you. They'll find you through searching, they'll find you through Twitter, through Facebook, through links from their friends. Your audience is out there. But you know that's not a good enough answer for most people. They want to know how else can I get more video views. Actually, becoming a member of the community and interacting with your audience is so important. That's one of the biggest ways to actually start getting people to start watching your videos regularly. If someone leaves a comment saying, "Wow I wonder where this video was shot," don't just stand there. Actually answer their question in the comments and form a relationship. In addition, you might want to encourage people to start subscribing to your channel, to follow you on Facebook, to follow you on Twitter. Third, and this can't be stressed enough, is actually to become an active member in the community on YouTube. What happens is if you collaborate with other creators, a lot of times their fan base becomes your fan base, and "all ships rise," as they say. So increasing video views is a challenge for everyone. There's no magic bullet solution, but start with good content, interact in the community, do some outreach, and you should be just fine.

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