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What Is Revenue Sharing with YouTube?

Learn about YouTube revenue sharing programs from Fullscreen founder George Strompolos in this Howcast video about making money online with YouTube.


Hi, my name is George Strompolos. I'm the CEO and founder of Fullscreen. We help people grow their channels on YouTube with business services, technology support, and advertising opportunities. And today we're going to be talking about how to earn money on YouTube.

So YouTube primarily compensates the creators in the partner program through something called revenue sharing. Revenue sharing means when there's a certain amount of money made from some videos, they share it with you. So, revenue sharing basically says when an advertisement shows up, the advertiser has paid a certain amount of money to be there, and YouTube has an option. They could keep all that money in their pockets, but because of the partnership program, they want to incentivize people to create videos, so they actually share the majority of that revenue with you the creator. A lot of times people will say, ""Well I got a thousand views on this video. I need to become a partner so I can start revenue sharing."" That's understandable, I would feel the same way but the truth is that a thousand views isn't really worth that much in the grand scheme of things. In order for your revenue sharing to have real, tangible value where you could potentially make creating YouTube videos your career, you need to get a lot of views. For every one million video views that you achieve, as a rule of thumb you're going to make about $1,500 in net profit. Now it's not a ton of money and a million views is not easy to get, so it's really about building that audience, building that subscriber base, and then having a constant output of content.

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