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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 2 - Operation Swordbreaker

Check out part 3 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Operation Swordbreaker".


Man: That better?

Sergeant Blackburn: Yeah.

Who are you? Are you CIA?

Man: Good morning, Sergeant Blackburn.

Sergeant Blackburn: When are you going to tell me what's going on?

Man: 18 hours ago, I get a call from Homeland Security saying there's a marine in detention I need to talk to. Some story about a terror plot in New York, and the marine claims he has information to stop it. Now the best part is he says it's going to happen today. So here we are. You look jet lagged, and by that I mean you look like shit.

Who is this?

Sergeant Blackburn: That's him. That's Solomon.

Man: And you still believe he's planning an attack here in New York?

Sergeant Blackburn: Don't you?

Man: Why?

Sergeant Blackburn: Because he said so.

Man: I read the file. He's trying to save his own ass. He doesn't know what we want to know.

Sergeant Blackburn: Wait, just hear me out. You want to bury me after, go ahead.

Man 1: We don't need to bury you. You're already dead. He doesn't know what we want to know.

Man: We're on the clock. I'm pursuing this lead.

What you're going to do is help us clarify the attack scenario. Your cooperation might even get you free of the world of crap you currently inhabit. All you have to do, Sergeant Blackburn, is fill in the blanks. Are we clear?

When did you first hear about Solomon and the PLR?

Sergeant Blackburn: It was nine months ago, Operation Swordbreaker, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Man: Okay. I'm listening.

Man: Misfit one-three, this is Misfit Actual. Be advised, you are crossing the LOD in two mikes. Over.

Man: Copy that.

Man: Yo, does anyone else not really not get what the fuck we're doing here?

Man: Quit being a fucking hippy, Montes.

Man: Just saying, bro, if this is about the PLR, we should be in Iran, not Iraq.

Man: They're crossing borders, dog. PLR is the right people, all right? They don't make them any righter.

Man: Misfit one-three, this is Misfit Actual. We have a situation developing here. Get your team dismounted and into the staging area ASAP.

Man: This is one-three. Copy, out.

Man: What the fuck are we stopping here for? Our objective's 20 clicks north here.

Man: I don't know, Montes. Yeah, let's get out on the road. Okay, let's go. Move.

Man: I guess we're late to the party. Where's the LT?

Man: Hanging right up here.

Man: Thanks.

Man: Hey, you ever ask yourself how this part of the world gets so fucked up all the time?

Man: I just work here, Dave.

Man: Gentlemen, welcome. As you know, we're dealing with the PLR insurgents crossing over from Iran, a lot of sectarian tension. I counsel you to remember, gentlemen, the people of this country are not your enemy, The PLR is.

At 0930, we lost contact with Viper Squad. They're investigating a possible IED near Spinza Meat Market. That's a pretty fucking bad part of town. We believe the PLR are involved.

I'm sending you in to find our marines, provide support, calling CASEVAC if necessary. You're the quick reaction force, gentlemen. I'm trusting you to handle this. Let's go find our marines.

Man: We're on it. Let's go!

Man: We're way behind, gentlemen. Let's go find this patrol.

Man: Do we have a sitrep on enemy inside this district?

Man: Assume the worst.

Man: Go.

Man: Come on, there's [inaudible 00:04:31].

Man: Getting mad creep out vibes in here.

Man: ID your targets.

Man: What is this, a school?

Man: Oh right, I keep forgetting, they don't have schools where you come from.

Man: Stick together.

Man: Check your corners.

Man: What was that?

Man: Someone needs to tell the EOD to blow those ammo dumps further away.

Man: Quake tremor, we're like 90 clicks from a major faultline.

Man: Big cross-street here, hell of exposed.

Man: Wait one. Something coming. Get back. Wait for them to pass.

Man: Let's move.

Man: Cross in twos. Black, you and Matkovic take the door on the right.

Man: Okay, moving. Get the lead out, Black, now.

Man: Not a single civvy. I don't like this shit.

Man: Gun, sniper.

Man: Popping smoke!

Man: Where the fuck is he?

Man: Get him inside. Come on, come on.

Man: Let's go! Stay low.

Man: Where the fuck did they come from?

Man: Keep shooting!

Man: Taking fire, 12 o'clock!

Man: Here they come!

Man: Take that fucking guy out!

Man: Firing!

Man: RPG, my twelve! Second floor! Stay away from the fucking cars!

Man: Friendlies coming in! Friendlies coming in!

Man: Everybody, light that building the fuck up!

Man: Black, on me.

Man: Tango's by the building, far end parking lot!

Man: They're flanking!

Man: Moving!

Man: Right there, right there!

Man: They're coming over the wall, right side!

Man: Contact left.

Man: He's down!

Man: Hold them just a little longer!

Man: Sniper's still up!

Man: Cease fire, cease fire! Get the hell inside now!

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