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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 3 - Operation Swordbreaker

Check out part 4 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Operation Swordbreaker".


Soldier 1: We got him. Hey, buddy. Can you feel this?

Misfit one-three: All right, up we go. Check your corners.

Soldier 2: I hope Chaffin's going to be okay.

Misfit one-three: He'll be fine. He's a tough son of a bitch. Eyes open. It's all you. Shit, too exposed. We got to go cover to cover. Don't stay visible in the windows.

Soldier 1: These guys weren't local. They weren't speaking Arabic.

Soldier 2: Al-Bashir's exporting all-star insurgent talent out of Iran to here now?

Misfit one-three: I don't know. Let's just get on that roof.

Misfit Actual: Misfit one-three, this is Misfit Actual, that sniper's still up. Be careful out there.

Misfit one-three: Clear, clear. Shit, contact. Anyone got eyes on? I can't see him. Dude, that's a fucking 50. Stay low. Stay low. Look out, hotel I think. Let's go, cover to cover. We'll draw him out. Ready, move in.

Soldier 2: Okay, moving.

Misfit one-three: Going.

Soldier 2: Okay, moving.

Misfit one-three: Going.

Soldier 2: Okay, get on the fucking deck, get down to the edge, he'll stick his head out, and then we fucking shoot him.

Misfit one-three: Roger.

Soldier 2: Hug the wall. Black, wait for us to get into position.

Misfit one-three: Don't bunch up. Keep moving.

Soldier 2: Talk to me, you got eyes on?

Soldier 1: I got it.

Misfit one-three: Black, now. There's the sniper.

Soldier 2: Okay, okay.

Soldier 2: Across the street, 50 meters midway up, he's dug into a spider hole.

Misfit one-three: I got AT.

Soldier 2: Give it to Black. Shit, cover's getting ropy. You're the best shot. You see that weapon glint, you waste him. Make it count brother I'll cover you and you hit him. Clear your back blast. Stand by three, two, one suppressing!

Soldier 1: Good effect on target.

Soldier 2: We good?

Misfit one-three: We're good. Let's go find this patrol.

Doc Holiday: Misfit one-three, this is Doc holiday. We got your man patched up down here, ready to move him back to the staging area for evac. Can you provide cover from up there?

Soldier 1: Sure thing, Doc Holiday. Which direction, over.

Doc Holiday: North side.

Misfit one-three: Misfit one-three, in position. Looks pretty clear.

Doc Holiday: Roger that. We are moving, over.

Misfit one-three: Keep your eyes peeled for hostiles. Our guys are pretty exposed down there. Watch your sectors.

Soldier 2: I see enemy movement, street level.

Doc Holiday: Take cover, take them out one-three.

Misfit one-three: Tangos on the roof, straight ahead.

Soldier 2: I'm engaging.

Misfit one-three: Okay, moving.

Soldier 2: More guys coming in. Check the street level, and rooftops.

Doc Holiday: I think we're clear Misfit one-three. We are moving, over.

Misfit one-three: We got your six, you are clear.

Soldier 2: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Doc Holiday: Misfit one- three, this is Doc Holiday, many thanks we're through. We'll take care of your buddy. Out.

Misfit one-three: Moving in on us now. I think they're in the building.

Soldier 2: Can we get the fuck off this rooftop now, please?

Soldier 1: Roger. We can't go back down, too messy. Need to find another way down.

Soldier 2: We'll never make it over.

Misfit one-three: We can use this as a bridge.

Soldier 2: Do it. Fucking boy scout. Go, go.

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