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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 4 - Operation Swordbreaker

Check out this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Operation Swordbreaker".


Misfit Actual: Misfit One Three this is Misfit Actual. You want to get moving to the site asap, over.

Misfit 1-3: Temporary setback, break. We are Oscar Mike to target location, over. We are pushing through. Let's hope they are okay.

Campo: So what happens if the PLR take over? A country run by terrorists ain't good.

Misfit 1-3: Bro, America was founded by terrorists, for terrorists. What do you think the fucking Revolutionary War was? History is determined by the mother fucking victor.

Campo: How did you even get into the Marines?

Misfit 1-3: You know what, Campo? I often ask myself the same goddamn question. Shit, contact! Is that the patrol?

Campo: It's two of them.

Misfit 1-3: Just stay focused. Shit, we got wounded and KIA in here.

Marine: I got it.

Misfit 1-3: Misfit Actual, this is One Three. I need CASE VAC asap, how copy?

Misfit Actual: One Three, I can finally oblige. Hang tight. Misfit, out.

Misfit 1-3: Man, this layout doesn't look right at all.

Marine: Yeah, I found something.

Misfit 1-3: This is totally not good. Secondaries under here! Secondary! Secondary, copy that! Aw, fuck boys. We are attracting a lot of fucking attention!

Marine: What's the problem? Can't you cut the wire?

Misfit 1-3: I can't cut anything until this wire's traced. Blackburn, you're nominated, follow the wire. Blackburn, did you get that? Follow the goddamn wire. You okay in there? Just another goddamn tremor. Nothing to worry about. One Four is here to reinforce, just get that wire cut. Black, we're taking heavy small arms fire. Get up here now!

Marine: Tangos by the walkway, left side!

Hornet 5-0: Misfit One Three, this is Hornet Five Zero.

Marine: Incoming!

Hornet 5-0: I got your position, I got your targets. We're inbound hot.

Misfit 1-3: Black, get up on the wall and man the LMG.

[Inaudible 00:05:20]

Misfit 1-3: Jesus Christ, look at all of them! Where's CASE VAC?

Falcon: Misfit One Three, this is Falcon. We are in orbit above your location, break. Be advised, you've got a large number of individuals moving toward your position.

Misfit 1-3: Enemy vehicle, coming from the North! 50 cafs, still good to go!

Misfit Actual: Misfit One three, this is Misfit Actual. We're sealing off all southbound traffic, but enemy fighters have been reported closing on your location, ver.

Misfit 1-3: They're falling back, they're falling back!

Hornet 5-0: Misfit One Three, this is Hornet Five Zero. We're seeing a lot of movement converging on your position from the east.

Misfit 1-3: Oh fuck, they're trying to flank us! Come on, come on, they're going to overrun us! Let's move, move,move! There, that enemy vehicle wreck! Blackburn, up on that weapon. We need suppressive fire on that street now!

Misfit Actual: Misfit One three, this is Misfit Actual. Hang tight, chopper's circling back for you.

Misfit 1-3: Oh, fuck! Earthquake! Come on, let's fucking go!

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