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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 6 - Uprising

Check out this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Uprising" with this online demo.


Misfit: Don't shame yourself by hiding.

Misfit 1-3: Freeze motherfucker- hands. Holy shit. Blackburn, am I glad to see you. In about half an hour this place in going to be every fucking man for himself. Come on, let's get the fuck out of here. Misfit, this is Misfit 1-3. I think I'm almost back at the staging area. I don't know, this place looks real different strange without any freaking buildings.

Misfit: Do what you have to do, Ospreys are leaving in five mikes.

Misfit 1-3: I got the door. Come on. Milnet was saying there's riots all over the fucking city, and get this - a coup in Iran. Sponsored by your friendly neighborhood PLR.

Look. Blackburn, up on that weapon.

We're standing by for extract, coming in on your left. Shit, there's our ride.

RPG, my twelve! Relocating, too hot in target LZ. RPG!

Osprey: Okay let's go. Let's go.

Misfit 2: Go. Get moving now! I got you, buddy!

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