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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 7 - Going Hunting

Check out part 8 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Going Hunting".


Interrogator 1: Stop me if this is incorrect. Faruk Al-bashir and the PLR seize power in Iran almost the same day as the earthquake. They become a threat. A few weeks later we send in 50,000 marines to take him out. We go to war in Iran.

Blackburn: Is this a history lesson?

Interrogator 2: What part did you play in going after Al-Bashir?

Blackburn: That's a broad question.

Interrogator 2: Well then, I will narrow it down. Your first mission.

Blackburn: Initially,our role was to do BDA after airstrikes in the northern quarter of Tehran.

Interrogator 1: Battle damage assessment. Why were you doing that?

Blackburn: It was procedure. We were looking for a high value target fast air was supposed to hit.

Interrogator 1: So far as I can tell you don't have a history of following procedure.

Interrogator 2: Tell me about your interaction with Lieutenant Colby Hawkins. She was an F-18 pilot.

Blackburn: She? Don't know her.

Interrogator 2: As you went in, she took part in an air strike on Al-Bashir.

Pilot 1: Hawkins,we just got raised to alert one. Plans have changed. We're launching now. CAG says we're special today. We're not on station for some whiskey delta ground support. DASC is going to fill us in airborn, but we're flying a strike mission over Tehran, into Mehrabad Airport. ELINT has SAT images, they think they know where Al-Bashir is. So, get your fangs out Hawkins. We're hunting big game today. That's pretty much it. There's Iranian bogeys in the air already. Pucker Factor 9.7. Faruk Al-Bashir is about to have a really bad day. Okay, let's rock and roll. Close the lid will you?

Voice: Shark four six, you're second in line.

Pilot 1: Shark four six, roger.

Voice: Okay, sir. I need you to go ahead and tap the brakes and check flaps and stabs.

Pilot 1: You heard him, Hawkins. Flaps and stabs, left side? Okay, good. How are we on right side? System check weapons. Initiate HMD visor. Got a green light up front. Switch to canon. Okay, gun spun up, looks good. Check missiles. Missile system tracking. Arm and check flares. All right, weapons and counter measures good to go. Have good ends, good highs, good lows, no out lights. Ready in the back? Here we go.

Pilot 2: Putting tension on.

Pilot 1: Let's do this. Here we go. Good shot. Good engine. Good end speed. Gear up.

Pilot 2: Shark four six, turn heading two nine zero, how copy?

Pilot 1: Shark four six, good copy.

Pilot 2: Shark four six, this is Shark four two, leveling off on your starboard.

Pilot 1: Gotcha.

Pilot 2: Shark four six, this is Heavy two one two. Contact, eight miles. I have a flight of two, angels three. Climbing off the deck, northwest of your position. Turn to heading three one zero.

Pilot 1: Shark four six,copy. Heading three one zero, angels three. Four two, turn in now. Master arm on, master arm on. Good light. Moving through cloud layer now. Minor turbulence.

Pilot 2: Roger, noted.

Voice: Shark four two,radar contact closing fast.

Pilot 1: Here we go. Shark four two. No IFF tone back. Motherfuckers! Bandits! Bandits! Engage. Break left, break left. Shark four two, they're splitting. I'm engaging. Pushing the one to the left.

Pilot 2: I got the one to the right. Two one two, Shark four six. Confirm bandits V-ID on two. Engaging at angels six.

Pilot 1: Shark four six copy. Here we go, Hawkins. Bogey dumping flares. Fuck, he's bled his speed. He's on my six. Shit, where's he at, Hawkins? Stay with him. Enemy lock! Flares out! Flares out! He's tracking. Enemy lock! Dump flares. Shit, incoming 3C mils! Hold on, dumping speed! Keep visual. Hang on! Come on. Lock him up, Hawkins! You got tone! Shoot.

Pilot 2: Four six, fox two

Pilot 1: Damn it! It went for the flares. Bandit! bandit! 12:00. Incoming 30 millimeter. Fox two. Hit! Good kill,good kill. Good hit, good kill. Splash one. He's pulling hard. Bandit, bandit, on my six! I'm on him, get ready to break. Get him Hawkins, get tone, get tone. Fox two. Nice job, Hawkins.

Shit, fox two sent. Son of a bitch! Flares out! Flares out! Watch for cannon rounds. Fuck! I don't see him. I don't see him. There he is, port side. Hawkins, fire guns. God damn it! Guns, guns! Good shot. Good kill.

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