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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 8 - Going Hunting

Check out this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Going Hunting".


Pilot 1: Bandit, Bandit, Bandit! Seven o'clock, low.

Hawkins: Four six, fox, two.

Pilot 1: Good shot, splash one!

Pilot 2: Heavy two one two, this is Shark four six. Splash multiple bandits.

Control: Copy that four six. Turn to heading two eight zero, continue with original strike package destination.

Pilot 2: What the hell? I've got radar warning!

Hawkins: Breaking! We just lost Shark four two. I'm Defending.

Pilot 1: Watch our six.

Hawkins: He's Tracking. Enemy lock! Flares out! Flares out! He's tracking. Dump Flares! Enemy lock! Dump flares. Defending. Watch our six. Starboard side, he's pulling onto the right side!

Pilot 1: Don't lose him, Hawkins.

Hawkins: Goddammit. Come on, come on!

Pilot 1: Four six, fox two.

Hawkins: Dammit! It went for the flares!

Pilot 1: Fox two sent. Good hit, good kill. Splash one.

Hawkins: He's breaking left, left side! He's pulling hard. Shit!

Pilot 1: Fox two.

Hawkins: He's pulling onto our port side.

Pilot 1: Don't lose him, Hawkins. Four six, fox two. Good kill. Heavy two one two, Shark four six. I'm now joining strike formation, over.

Pilot 3: This is Bulldog three three. Flight of two, coming up on your nine.

Pilot 1: Roger. I'm getting multiple SAM signals coming from the airport. We just lost Bulldog three two. Hawkins, switch over to targeting pod and take them out. Heavy two one two, four six. Rolling onto target area with potential high value target, over.

Control: Roger. You have ground element, call sign Reaper one, in the area and Striker two one and two two coming in for JDAM drop.

Pilot 1: Goddammit, they're getting close with those rounds. Four six is switching over to AGM 88. All right, Hawkins. Switch us over to ground attack. Start marking the SAM's. Make sure we get a good track on their radar before you fire. Take out those positions. Direct hit! Don't let them lock us up! On target. Nice shot. Engage those SAM's. We've got to clear them out for the A-10's. That's three.

Reaper 1: Four six, Reaper one. We have eyes on fuel trucks crossing the tarmac. Looks like they are headed for fighters, how copy?

Pilot 1: Striker two two, we're lasing targets for you now, how copy?

Pilot 3: Roger. Rolling in, stand by.

Pilot 1: Four six, copy. Okay, Hawkins. Switch to infrared and find them.

Reaper 1: Four six, reference the main terminal. There's one across the runway now.

Pilot 1: Keep the tracker on target. Good kill.

Pilot 3: Tracking your target. Bombs away.

Pilot 1: Direct hit!

Pilot 4: Bombs away, three seconds.

Pilot 1: On target. Nice shot. Good lase. Send it.

Pilot 3: I got your lase. Coming in.

Pilot 1: Good kill.

Reaper 1: Shark four six, there are aircraft coming out of the hardened bunkers. They're trying to take off, over.

Pilot 1: Four six, roger. Hawkins, reference those three bunkers across from the main terminal. Use infrared and lase them for Striker two two. That's it. Hold on them. Direct hit!

Reaper 1: This is Reaper one. You got another fighter turning onto the runway now.

Pilot 1: Good kill. That's the last one.

Reaper 1: This is Reaper one. I have three vehicles moving along the runway. This might be our HVT, wait out. Shark four six, stand by to engage if the target is verified, how copy?

Pilot 1: Roger. Okay, Hawkins. Get ready to lase them for Bulldog three three.

Control: Reaper one, Heavy two one two. Be advised, you have a single aircraft approaching from the south at low speed, altitude five zero two. Do you have eyes on, over?

Reaper 1: Roger, it's a helicopter. Looks like its headed for the vehicles.

Control: Roger. You have four six on station.

Reaper 1: Four six, this is Reaper one. We need them to get out of the cars so we can verify it's our target, stand by to engage.

Pilot 1: Roger. Bulldog three three, we will lase for gun run, how copy?

Pilot 3: Roger, solid copy. Coming around now.

Control: They're definitely PLR. You are cleared to engage, you are clear to engage.

Pilot 1: Paint the area. Three three is standing by.

Pilot 3: Roger, two seconds.

Pilot 1: They're boarding the helicopter! Good hit, good hit! On target! Good kill.

Pilot 3: Roger.

Control: We have individuals running. You are cleared to take them out too.

Pilot 1: Roger.

Pilot 3: Roger, three seconds.

Pilot 1: Hit! Good kill, good kill.

Reaper 1: Reaper one, all call signs be advised. We have friendly units securing the airbase now. Negative on further ground attack, how copy?

Pilot 1: Roger, solid copy. Witch off the camera, let's get back to the boat. Heavy two one two, Shark four six egressing out of target area.

Control: Roger, turn to heading zero four zero. Watch for traffic when feet are wet. Two one two out.

Carrier: Shark four six, you are approaching glide path, slightly out, course correcting at three miles. Shark four six, two miles out.

Pilot 1: Hook down.

Carrier: Shark four six, got your hook down. Looking good, you got the ball. Shark four six, on glide path, on course. Put him on, call the ball.

Pilot 1: I got the ball, bringing her down.

Carrier: Twenty knots, on the ball.

Pilot 1: 800. 750. 600.

Carrier: Power, power.

Pilot 1: 550. 500.

Carrier: Right on the ball, bring her down!

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