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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 9 - Operation Guillotine

Check out part 10 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Operation Guillotine".


Man 1: That's a nice story, I don't see how it connects.

Man 2: Do I have to draw you a map? Al-Bashir was never there. That's why you went in.

Man 1: We knew he was in Tehran somewhere. He'd gone into hiding.

Man 2: I see, and until this point you didn't believe Al-Bashir was affiliated with Solomon, there was no link.

Man 1: Just what I saw in Iraqi Kurdistan. When I saw Solomon.

Man 2: I've got a question, "Al-Bashir was their JFK. We should have left him where he was" Do you remember saying that?

Man 1: No.

Man 2: Who did?

Man 1: I don't know.

Man 2: Sure you don't. I bet you don't know who shot your CO either.

Man 1: Fuck you!

Man 2: Let's not forget the nature of our little interaction here. This is not a trial. You are guilty. I know how your fucking story ends!

Man 3: We are not here to manhandle him. Let him go. Now as far as our treatment of him goes our directives are very clear. I just want to get to the bottom of this, and I want to do it cleanly.

Man 2: Fine, tell us how you found the nuke in Tehran.

Man 1: That is a big city.

Man 4: It is. No gun trucks yet.

Man 1: Not, the wheels of fate turn slowly, my brother.

Man 5: Misfit, this is Haymaker,

Man 1: Send traffic.

Man 5: Misfit BDA of airstrike targets turned up inconclusive. However, as of 0300 hours, forward elements of Colonel Garrison's regiment took Jaflyeh Bridge. This puts Misfit and Haymaker in position to capture enemy structures housing strategic intelligence, break. Your first objective is Khoijir Apartment complex beyond the canal. We will commence the assult in one mite. Get ready to step off.

Man 1: Copy that.

Man 1: There's Haymaker. We're going. All call signs Misfit, we are mission launch. Repeat, we are mission launch.

Man 4: Sir.

Man 1: Roger. Blackburn, mortar up.

Man 1: Go, go, go! Incoming! Reference stone wall under the overpass!

Man 1: Set the mortar there. Check mask and overhead clearance.

Man 6: Campo, get some illumination rounds in the air, over

Man 1: Come on! I need rounds downrange asap!

Man 1: Get over that wall, like now! Go on, we got this!

Man 1: Haymaker should be through here. Taking fire from stone wall deac ahead, 150 meters! Open fire!

Man 7: Throwing grenade!

Man 1: Clear. Enemy MG, other side. Use the canal and flank it!

Man 8: MG position destroyed!

Man 1: Come on, frag them!

Man 1: Enemy foot-mobiles on the hill! Suppress those MG positions so we can move up!

Man 8: Enemy MG, other side, use the canal and flank it.

Man 1: Come on, frag them!

Man 1: All enemy MG positions are down, push through the building! Let's go, through the building!

Man 1: Let's go, through the building!

Man 9: Enemy MG is on the bottom floor!

Man 1: Let's go through the building!

Man 9: Enemy MG is on the bottom floor!

Man 1: Get the grenades out!

Man 9: Enemy MG is on the bottom floor!

Man 1: Clear.

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