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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 10 - Operation Guillotine

Check out part 11 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Operation Guillotine".


Man 1: Clear! Door. Clear!

Man 2: In the doorway, direct front. Captain Brady!

Captain Brady: Outstanding job securing the apartments. One three will detach from Misfit for this mission. You're with us.

Man 2: Sir, I'm wondering about this route.

Captain Brady: One three, it's the fastest course we could plot to the bank, over.

Man 2: It's going to take us right up. I mean, that's all badlands after the tunnel, sir.

Haymaker: One three, this is Haymaker, approaching Ashoura overpass. Scan your sectors, copy?

Man 2: Affirmative.

Haymaker: Obstacles on the road. I know what it looks like. Bypassing an ambush is exactly what the ambushers expect us to do. We're not going to surprise the enemy by waiting. We need to seize the initiative.

Man 2: I think I just agreed to be ambushed.

Man 3: Why don't we just shoot ourselves and save them the trouble?

Man 4: Seriously, we're going to get jacked.

Man 2: Frankly, gentlemen, I'm not hearing the aggression I'd like. Keep scanning.

Man 5: Nothing yet.

Man 2: Shit, where is he going?

Haymaker: Copy, one three. No need to turn back. We're going to push this vehicle out of the way, out.

Man 2: You heard him. Pull over. Let's get this over with.

Man 3: RPG, overpass! Over here!

Man 2: These motherfuckers. Keep them pinned down, we're going high. Blackburn, on me! As soon as we are out, I want you guys to light them up with flanking fire. Roger?

Man 3: Roger.

Man 4: Roger.

Man 2: Firing! Engaging! Oh, shit, grenade! Firing! Engaging! Tank! It's a fucking tank!

Man 3: Get the fuck out of here!

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