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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 11 - Operation Guillotine

Check out part 12 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Operation Guillotine".


Man 1: Sound off!

Man 2: I'm good.

Blackburn: I'm all right

Man 1: Flare! You good? Good?

Man 4: Motherfucker, that was a T-90 and I'm still breathing. I'm better than good. I'm fucking awesome.

Man 1: Blackburn? Blackburn, you okay? You all right?

Man 1: There's got to be a way out of here.

Man 1: Let's go!

Radio: Request immediate air. T-90 tank 200 meters from. How copy?

Man 2: That thing's going to cut them apart, man.

Man 4: It's fast air and Cobra's on station.

Man 1: If they can get here in time.

Blackburn: I think that's the bank.

Man 2: I guess so.

Blacburn: Fucking T-90 is back. We got to do something!

Man 2: Shit, where's he going?

Man 4: Fuck! Burn, motherfucker!

Radio: All units: We got enemy infantry and armor closing in on our position. Need assist. Over.

Man 1: Get moving.

Radio: More Armor inbound. T-90 in front of the bank. Take it out!

Man 2: Okay here they come. Left side! Left Side!

Radio: Infantry heading our way.

Man 6: What was that? What was that?!

Man 7: Holy Fuck! Javelin team down! Secure the Javelin! Light that fucking thing up!

Man 2: Shit!

Man 7: Move, move, move!

Blackburn: Tank Destroyed, Tank destroyed!

Man 1: You're doing great, Blackburn.

Radio: We need this building secured.

Man 1: Roger!

Blackburn: I'm seeing enemy personnel in the windows, engage!

Man 1: Tank on the right, heading this way.

Blackburn: Firing!

Man 2: Tank! Dead ahead!

Blackburn: Engaging!

Man 2: Enemy armor destroyed. Let's move!

Man 4: Well, this is good. Lets go recon a burning, structurally unsound bank.

Man 1: See if you can find a way in through the back, out.

Man 2: Roger.

Man 5: Shit!

Man 2: Come on, up there. Move, move, move!

Man 1: Movement!

Blackburn: Clear.

Man 1: Boost me up!

Man 1: I'm in.

Man 1: I got him, I got him! Now!

Blackburn: Clear.

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