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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 12 - Operation Guillotine

Check out this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Operation Guillotine".


Soldier: Clear, one more. Knife, you go.

Radio: One three, we're blocking in position ground floor. Clear your way to us, over.

Soldier: Going to cover.

Makovic: Good timing, let's keep moving.

Commander: Gentlemen, we're looking for an sign of Al-Bashir. Find it, bag. You guys, clear the basement. We'll sweep the rest of the building.

Makovic: Roger.

Commander: Blackburn, come on. Montes, door.

Makovic: We can rappel down.

Commander: Okay.

Makovic: Shaft looks about sixty feet down. Slow and quiet. Pay out your rope carefully.

Commander: Mission impossible it is.

Makovic: Black, on point. Keep tension on the line.

Montes: Yep.

Makovic: I hear something down there, talking maybe. Blackburn, prep a flashbang.

Commander: All right, we're done. Let's get it on.

Makovic: You think maybe Al-Bashir is in there?

Commander: I don't know. Let's find out. Makovic, open the gate.

Makovic: Fire in the hole!

Montes: Clear!

Commander: Clear!

Makovic: What the fuck is this? Montes, smell that?

Montes: Smoke, cordite. Let's get this door open. God damn it's heavy.

Makovic: Yeah.

Blackburn: I'm going in. Clear!

commander: Holy shit. Gold mine.

Blackburn: It's an operations room. Looks like they tried to destroy it.

Commander: No, look, shit's still here. I want everything bagged and tagged.

Montes: Oh, shit. We've got maps of Paris, New York. I got a train timetable here, says 6:02.

Commander: Holy shit! Come over here.

Montes: It's radioactive. Is that a good idea?

Commander: We don't got a choice. Holy shit. You know what that is?

Montes: Russian, portable nukes?

Commander: There's only one there.

Montes: Wait, there's room for two more. Where the hell are the other two?

Makovic: Hey, you need to see this! There.

Commander: Oh shit! That's Al-Bashir. Who's the other guy?

Montes: I don't know. They're coming down.

Commander: We need to secure the nuke adn get the hell out of here!

Montes: What about the intel?

Commander: No, there's no time. Let's get the nuke and move.

Makovic: This whole building's going to come down. This is Misfit one three.

Radio: Misfit, this is Actual, send.

Makovic: Misfit, we have secured what appears to be a WMD, break. There may be more than one. Misfit one three, you're breaking up. Are you reporting WMD? Say again. You're breaking up.

Commander: Oh, that can't be good.

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