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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 16 - Thunder Run

Check out part 17 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Thunder Run".


Blackburn: When was this?

Gordon: Ten hours ago. Eighty thousand dead. Ground zero was the EVRONXT exchange.

Kovic: How's it feel?

Blackburn: You think I wanted this? You OGA guys are even more fucked up than I'd heard you were. I'm trying to stop this from happening in New York.

Gordon: Who do you think did it, Sergeant?

Blackburn: The PLR and Solomon.

Gordon: Well the blast yield matches Russian suitcase specs. We put Dima incountry at the same time. Do you know how that looks?

Blackburn: Dima was trying to stop it. The Paris nuke must have been one of the missing ones.

Kovic: Bullshit. Then what? Didn't you still let it happen?

Gordon: Sergeant, go back in time- to the bank. You said the Paris nuke links to the bank.

Blackburn: Can't be Dima. Can't be.

Gordon: I am waiting.

Blackburn: We sent out a distress call. Anvil 3, part of Charlie Company 1st tanks. They came to get us. Miller came to get us.

Male: Miller. Miller, put the dinosaur down, it's go-time. Miller, stop playing around. You're going to be all right, Miller. Hey, you'll be back in time for his birthday.

Anvil 6-6: This is Anvil 6-6, we are mission launch for objective "Alter". Advance and report. Over.

Radio: Copy Anvil actual. Advancing to LOD and report, out. Solid copy Anvil actual. Miller, stay in your lane.

Male: Holy shit, bro. What are those?

Radio: That looks like Soviet BM-21s. Old rocket arty, inaccurate, but fuck will they ruin your day if they get it right.

Anvil Actual: All callsigns. This is Anvil Actual. Scouts report PLR tanks ahead. This is why we came here.

Male: Miller, you hear? Stations.

Miller: Roger.

Male: Driver, move out. Full throttle.

Driver: We're good to go. My chi is mad focused, yo.

Male: Okay, we're Redcon 1.

Anvil 6-6: Anvil 3-1 and 3-3, any visual yet, report, out.

Male: Negative, nothing yet. Okay, everyone ahead of us from here-on is enemy.

Male: Identify multiple tanks. Closing in fast. Fire. Fire sabot.

Male: On the way.

Male: All Anvil victors maintain advance. Scan and identify.

Male: These guys are well-trained. They aren't breaking rank.

Male: Target destroyed. Nice shooting.

Male: Target. Identify last tank. Fire. You rock, dude.

Radio: All stations Anvil, enemy armor destroyed in sector Advance and- Disregard my last. Identify tanks to your front. Engage and destroy. How copy?

Male: Anvil 3-1, we're picking up enemy heat sigs on the heat imaging. Hull down?

Male: I don't know. Miller, switch to thermal view. Shift left. They got us zeroed in! Incoming! The got us zeroed in!

Radio: Incoming, incoming. All Anvil stations, halt, halt, halt. Line formation, I say again, line formation. Wait for further. Out.

Super 1-1 : All Anvil elements, this is Super 1-1. Orbiting above you now. We're patching in a UAV feed.

Male: Patching in MAV feed. MAV is modile.

Radio: Anvil 3-1, that rocket battery is your primary target. CAS is on station.

Radio: Roger Anvil actual. Standing by for gun-run.

Radio: Look at that fucking beehive.

Male: Okay, Miller. Lase the target.

Radio: Anvil 3-1, we mark your spot. CAS inbound in five seconds. Standby.

Radio: Watch it. Here we go.

Bulldog 3-3: Super 1-1, Bulldog 3-3. Sortie complete. BDA minimal on enemy position. We are bingo and egressing out, over.

Super 1-1: Roger that, 3-1. Will advise Ultra 3-4 and source for immediate re-attack, break. Anvil Actual might have to pick up the ball on this and adjust to attack the BDM position, out.

Male: Loading heat.

Radio: All Anvil victors, commencing charge. On my mark. Three, two, one. Mark.

Male: Driver, move out. Full throttle.

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