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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 17 - Thunder Run

Check out part 18 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Thunder Run".


Speaker 1: Jesus, three two's down.

Speaker 2: Anvil six six, three two is hit. Three two is down. They're burning up.

Speaker 1: We're taking fire! We're taking fire!

Speaker 3: Anvil actual, we're approaching the berm.

Speaker 4: Roger, all call signs, continue assault into encampment.

Speaker 3: There, north side. Let's go.

Speaker 1: Troops, coax, 75.

Speaker 2: Anvil three three, prosecuting enemy dismounts. Grazing hit, grazing hit, looks okay from out here.

Speaker 1: Driver, get us the fuck out of here. Three three's hit, Three three's hit, still operational.

Speaker 4: Okay Miller, rocket batteries up ahead. Take out the batteries.

Speaker 1: Target destroyed. Secondary. Oh, fuck that shit! We're taking fire. Driver, get us the fuck out of here.

Speaker 3: Anvil six six, this is Anvil 3-4. Engaged and destroyed enemy encampment. Continuing mission, over.

Speaker 4: Roger, push up to the highway and continue with mission, over.

Speaker 3: Roger. Take us out, Miller. Open ground ahead, better load sabot.

Speaker 2: I got a dust cloud, right of our advance.

Speaker 3: Roger, I see it. Moving right to left.

Speaker 5: Identify tank.

Speaker 2: T-72 engaging.

Speaker 5: Identify second tank.

Speaker 1: They're running, chasing them down.

Speaker 5: There it goes, dust trail moving left.

Speaker 2: I see it.

Speaker 3: Don't bunch up, watch your spacing.

Speaker 5: Ambush. Identify vehicles dead ahead.

Speaker 3: Fire, fire sabot. Target destroyed.

Speaker 1: They've got us zeroed in.

Speaker 5: Ambush, identify, tanks. Ridge line to the left.

Speaker 3: Good shooting, keep it up. Enemy falling back, three three, watch yourself. They're baiting us in.

Speaker 5: Holy shit! Fire, fire sabot!

Speaker 1: Watch the flank.

Speaker 5: Last tank. Identify vehicles, dead ahead.

Speaker 3: Three three, stay in formation.

Speaker 5: God bless Hydra 70 rockets.

Speaker 5: Shit, enemy tanks, left sector. Engage armor first. Focus on the tanks.

Speaker 1: Three three's hit, three three's hit, still operational.

Speaker 3: All right, let's switch to coax, engage the infantry. Fire and adjust, keep us moving.

Speaker 2: RPG teams!

Speaker 3: Behind the trucks. They're moving between the trucks.

Speaker 2: Cease fire, cease fire.

Speaker 3: Three three, roger. Anvil six six, three four engaged and destroyed, multiple enemy vehicles and infantry, over.

Speaker 4: Roger, swing west and proceed to highway. Advise when checkpoint reached, out.

Speaker 5: Stay alert.

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