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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 18 - Thunder Run

Check out this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Thunder Run".


Male 1: Stay alert.

Male 2: Holy fucking shit. B1 just laying down the payback.

Male 3: Poor sons of bitches didn't have a chance.

Male 4: Better them than me, man.

Male 3: Anvil 6-6, 3-4 we're on checkpoint Tarmac now.

Male 5: Roger, continue with mission, out.

Male 3: All right. Let's stay focused.

Male 2: Look at this shit.

Male 3: Why aren't we cutting across the desert? This is crazy.

Male 4: Because they told us not to.

Male 6: Anvil 8-8, this is 3-3. We are at checkpoint "kilo", over.

Male 5: Roger 3-4. You are clear to alter. Report when set, out.

Male 3: There's something up ahead.

Male 4: What is it?

Male 3: I need a visual, Miller. Get up there and check it out.

Male 4: What the fuck is that guy doing?

Male 3: Looks like someone from Hatchet outfit.

Male 4: Is that transport?

Male 3: Nah, engineers. Someone tell that guy there's a war going on.

Male 5: 3-4, this is Anvil 6-6. Get out there and find out why the hell Hatchet is standing on my dick holding this entire company up.

Male 7: Fucking PLR. Ambushed us and shot us to shit before we were ready. I just need someone to get to the trigger and detonate it. Somebody's got to get out there, but it ain't going to be me.

Male 4: Suppressive fire. Go cover to cover. Pick up the clapper, Miller. Are you done? Get the hell back here!

Male 3: Run, you son of a bitch.

Male 7: You go ahead. Come on, pull the trigger.

Male 3: Fucking shock wave is going to make me puke. Good going, bro.

Male 7: Good work.

Male 3: Yeah, you ought to collect that guy's salary, dude. You just did his job. Get back on the tank bro. We need you on the 50.

Male 5: Anvil 3-4, advance on main road. Engage and destroy all enemy forces. Report when outside city limits, out.

Male 3: All right, Miller. Advance.

Male 2: Taking fire. Gunner, identify RPG troops. Left side.

Male 3: On the fucking left!

Male 2: Troops in open. On the left. We're just a few clicks out. They're not going to let us walk in. Damn, son. Squad. Running in the open. RPG, over by the SUV.

Male 3: Right flank. Right flank!

Male 2: Cut these fuckers down! Focus on the RPGs. Focus on them!

Male 4: Holy shit!

Male 3: RPG squad down. Watch the flanks. Fire, fire, fire! Identify vehicle.

Male 2: Tank in the gas station!

Male 3: Hit the pump with the 50. V-bed. Light it up!

Male 2: Friendly down. Friendly tank is hit. Catastrophic!

Male 5: Roger that Anvil 3-3. Stop under the overpass. All elements, this is Anvil 6-6. Emergency stop. Hold for further orders.

Male 2: Watch out for more V-beds, Miller! Gunner, identify vehicle approaching front.

Male 3: Cars, front. Stop them! Engage. Engage!

Male 2: Stop that car! V-bed inbound!

Male 3: Right flank, right flank! Another right behind that one! RPG. 10 o'clock to our front!

Male 2: Okay, target down.

Male 3: Cease fire, cease fire!

Male 2: All right, Miller. Advance.

Male 3: Anvil 6-6, this is Anvil 3-4, engage and destroy V-beds and troops.

Male 5: All Anvil elements, stand by for mission re-orientation, wait out.

Male 2: I wonder what's going on.

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