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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 19 - Fear No Evil

Check out this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Fear No Evil".


Interviewer 1: You were trapped at the bank.

Blackburn: Yeah, and running out of time - like we are now.

Interviewer 1: So they came into the city. Where was that?

Blackburn: There was a plaza outside. We were with the nuke, inside the bank, waiting for Miller and Anvil 3 to get there. I radioed them, I need to know where the relief force is coming. They say three minutes, "We'll be there in three minutes."

Man 1: 3-3, let's get there quick. They're going to hear us coming a mile away.

Man 2: Agreed.

Man 3: Hey, Ingham, we have comms up with this Misfit unit yet?

Ingham: No. Signal is all fucked up. Should get something once we're clear of these tall structures.

Man 1: Dammit. Road's blocked. There's a secondary street, to the right. It's tight though.

Man 2: Okay, let's do it.

Ingham: Fuck, dude. This is not good, man.

Man 3: Miller, get your ass down here. We're going to button up hatches.

Ingham: Without infantry, we're going to be blind.

Man 3: You want to get nailed by a sniper?

Ingham: This just gets better and better.

Man 1: Identify RPG. Rooftop. Engage, engage! We're hit, We're hit! Driver, get us the fuck out of here! 3-3's hit. 3-3's hit. Still operational!

Misfit 1-3: Anvil 3-4, Misfit 1-3. We see you. Where is everyone else?

Anvil 3-4: There's no one. We're it.

Misfit 1-3: Roger. Heads up. There's tanks converging outside the plaza.

Anvil 3-4: Roger. We saw them. Stand by to get the hell out of there.

Misfit 1-3: 3-4, Misfit 1-3. We are holding the main lobby, break. We can see the PLR moving in on you with heavy missiles, over.

Anvil 3-4: Roger that. Let's get these motherfuckers! Push forward. Go. Come on! Driver, get is the fuck out of here! Grazing hit. Grazing hit. Looks okay from out here! What the hell was that? Get the fucking power back on now! Anyone hit?

Man 1: We're okay. That's no RPG.

Man 3: Miller, get on top and see what's going on.

Misfit 1-3: Anvil 3-4, you guys okay?

Anvil 3-4: Power is back on but we lost engine and hydraulics. What's the status on exfil?

Misfit 1-3: Just hold on. They're on route.

Anvil 3-4: I just hope whatever it is, it's worth it.

Misfit 1-3: Switch your comms to Tact 3.

Anvil 3-4: Roger. Switching now.

Man 3: What the fuck, man?

Anvil 3-4: I don't know. Switch us over.

Man 3: Done!

Anvil 3-4: You there, 1-3?

Misfit 1-3: Roger. Listen, this ain't about us. We might have a nuke here. So you can see the fucking mess we're in here.

Anvil 3-4: Jesus Christ, a nuke?

Misfit 1-3: Roger. Yeah. We need to make sure these assholes don't get it.

Anvil 3-4: I hear you. Will do what we can. All right, switching back to op channel.

Saint 4-0: Misfit 1-3, I say again, this is Saint 4-0. We are 30 seconds out. Prepare for evac, how copy?

Misfit 1-3: Solid copy. Will mark LZ with yellow smoke, over.

Saint 4-0: We have visual on your location, Misfit 1-3. Anvil 3-4, be advised. Multiple enemy troops advancing from the east and west. How copy?

Anvil 3-4: 3-4, good copy.

Man 3: Miller, you cover Misfit 1-3 with the 50 cal until we can get the hydraulics online again.

Saint 4-0: 1-3, stand by. Twenty seconds to dust off!

Anvil 3-4: Saint 4-0, Anvil 3-4, our vehicle might not be operational. Anyway we can exfil with Misfit 1-3?

Saint 4-0: Negative. We are overloaded with earlier med-evac, barely enough room for them now, how copy?

Anvil 3-4: Roger that.

Saint 4-0: Anvil 3-4, this is Saint 4-0, confirming package aboard. QRF should arrive shortly, over.

Anvil 3-4: Anvil 6-6, Anvil 3-4. Status on QRF, over?

Anvil 6-6: They'll be there in 15 minutes.

Anvil 3-4: Roger!

Man 3: Main gun down! I'm coming up!

Anvil 3-4: Anvil 6-6. Anvil 6-6, this is Anvil 3-4! Is there any immediate support? We are under heavy fire, heavy fire! Tank is immobilized, we are not combat effective!

Anvil 6-6: Roger. We're working on air support. We're doing everything we can. Over.

Anvil 3-4: We need them now, sir!

Anvil 6-6: Hang in there, son. We're coming.

Man 4: Hello, Mr. Miller, is it? Americans and their souvenirs. Is this your child's? I can see the name: Johnny Miller. Hope he doesn't miss it too much. Now children, they get attached to these little things. They can cry for days when they lose one. You know why? Because these small objects remind them they are loved.

But loss is part of growing up, isn't it? Part of growing up is accepting the inevitability of death. The inevitability, Mr. Miller, of death. My father told me that. You will be a hero to your children too. I hope that gives you comfort. Brother.

Man 5: Are you ready? Hurry up. Shame. You come to our country to murder us. Yet we are the terrorist when we try to protect our nation and our people. This is the price you pay.

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