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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 20 - Night Shift

Check out part 21 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Night Shift".


Man one: This is the price you pay. Pretty picture isn't it?

Man two: It's nasty, but it doesn't connect Solomon to the nuke. What else do you have Sergeant?

Sergeant: What else do I have? What else do I need? You just saw him murder Miller.

Man one: Look in the mirror sergeant. You and your buddy Dima's finger prints are all over this story.

Sergeant: Are you a fucking cop? I mean whose side are you on?

Man one: Look, you were in the same room when this video was taken. You were at the bank where they found the nuke, isn't that right?

Sergeant: Yes that's right, we found the three nuke racks, the torn up maps. Solomon was on the security monitor with Al-Bashir.

Man one: The building is gone, your evidence is gone. You've got nothing.

Man two: Yes. All right, when was this? You're sure? Okay, thanks.

Well it seems one of Solomon's aliases has just hit the grid here in New York.

Sergeant: There you go.

Man two: So, I guess your story checks out.

Sergeant: Al-Bashir was real clear about Solomon being his right hand man.

Man one: Was he? When?

Sergeant: When we went after him. Campo and me.

Misfit one-four: Misfit one-three, this is Misfit one-four. We're inbound. What's your status?

Misfit one-three: One-three is set, over.

Misfit one-four: Roger that, we're closing fast. Out.

Sergeant: That's Cole. Why the fuck is he leading the assault team? Something's not right.

Okay, take out the lights. We have got to black out the LZ. Send it when you're ready. Nice shot. Two left. Keep it coming. Hurry up, they can't land until it's blacked out down there.

Misfit one-three: One-four, marking our position with IR.

Misfit one-four: Roger. Use the thermal. Look for the IR strobes.

Misfit one-three: One-four, we've got eyes on you.

Misfit one-four: One-three clear the streets for us.

Misfit one-three: Roger. Need to shift right to get eyes on, over.

Sergeant: Get into position. They need the street cleared.

Shit, PLR. One-four, hold. Enemy to your front, engaging. Over.

Reference the teams position. Go right, couple of floors above the street, guy on the balcony. Take him out.

Good shot. One-four you're good to go. Relocating to OP Bravo now. Over.

Misfit one-four: Roger that.

Sergeant: Come on, let's go. See you on the ground. Okay, clear. Let's go. Vehicle, get down.

Go. Alley up ahead. Come on.

You first. I'll boost you over. Hold up. I saw something. Shit, there's a guy watching the street.

Reference the neon sign on the left second floor. Guy standing in open. Drop him.

Enemy one: I wonder what the score is.

Sergeant: Hold up.

Enemy two: Who gives a shit.

Sergeant: Find cover. Move, move. Okay, on me quick before they come back.

Misfit one-three: This is Misfit one-three, we have RV Bravo.

Misfit one-four: Roger, were holding nearby. Have two PLR fighters blocking route. Clear the way. Over.

Misfit one-four: Roger.

Sergeant: Let's cover them.

Misfit one-four: Copy, moving.

Sergeant: There they are. Street, dead ahead, 50 meters. Right of the van. Shit, drop them fast.

Good shot. One-four, you're good to go.

Misfit one-four: Roger that. We're on the move.

Sergeant: Cover them while they cross.

Misfit one-four: We're clear.

Sergeant: This way, stay in cover when you get down there.

Misfit one-four: One-three, hold. Enemy convoy - platoon size. We will not be able to RV at this time, how copy?

Misfit one-three: Roger. Good copy.

Misfit one-four: Find the alternate route and RV at location Charlie. Out.

Sergeant: Fuck, this way. Stay close, we'll use the overpass.

Misfit one-four: One-three this is Misfit. Enemy foot patrol headed your way, how copy?

Misfit one-three: Roger, good copy.

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