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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 21 - Night Shift

Check out part 22 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Night Shift".


Campo: Quiet now. Use your blade. Shit, PLR. Run don't stop! Over there, into the sewer! This should slow them down. Let's go. On the ground, to the right. Down there. Get up there! Let's get moving. There, stairs. Let's get over to the other side of the block. Fucking mutt.

Man 1: 1-3, get your ass over to the mall asap. You read me? Out.

Campo: Calls out mall on the fucking radio. He might as well send them a grid for an ambush. Yeah, all right. It's on the other side of these buildings. We'll cut through here. Shit, get ready. Jesus Christ. This is it. This is the fucking room. This is where they did it. Shit. Misfit, this is Nisfit 1-3. I'm in RV "Delta". There's something here, how copy?

Man 1: Can you be more specific 1-3?

Campo: I'm seeing evidence that this is the location where Corporal Miller was executed. Matches the description, camera setup, everything.

Man 1: Sergeant, are you sure?

Campo: I'm pretty sure, yeah.

Man 1: All right. I'll send a team asap. Many thanks. 1-3, the first Marine Division has just now captured the eastern quarter. The battle for this city is nearly over. Let's finish it today.

Campo: Roger that. They're coming. Wait for them. Grenade! Motherfuckers! Okay. Clear. Let's go! It's all making sense now. Cole's trying to personally bring in Al-Bashir. This guy's been stuck as a captain for a year. He's trying to show the brass he ain't a fuckup. He's bucking for a promotion. Fucking glory hound.

Man 2: Blackburn, Campo! Over here. We're 200 meters from the target building. It's just through the mall. You ready?

Campo: Yes, sir. Let's do this.

Man 2: If shit goes sideways, we'll use this as a fallback position. All right, update. Blackburn, Campo, you provide overwatch from this rooftop right here. We'll RV back at the mall entrance after. We have now confirmed Al-Bashir's location.

Campo: Can we take the shot?

Man 2: Absolutely not. We need Al-Bashir alive. We need his intel on the nukes we found at the bank. I do not want a Bin Laden style resolution here. Do you understand?

Campo: We're on it.

Man 2: Going in!

Campo: Matkovic, on me.

Blackburn: 1-4, 1-3 setting.

Man 2: Roger, stepping off now. Give me overwatch, report, out.

Blackburn: 1-3 set and ready. Over?

Man 2: We're stuck by the wall, right side of the playground. There's a guard working on a - looks like a generator or something. Nice shot! 1-4 on the road, moving. Reference the corner on your left. Clear us through.

Blackburn: Area clear.

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