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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 22 - Night Shift

Check out part 23 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Night Shift".


Matkovic: Disregard. Headlights. Vehicle coming your way.

Man 2: We're good. Moving up.

Man 3: Satellite thermal showed two apartments on ground level with major activity. We're taking the left one first, Matkovic. Take a man and stay outside. Watch our back! Call sign 1-1, Roger?

Matkovic: Roger that.

Man 3: Stand by breach. Get ready. Flashbangs! Go, go, go!

Man 4: 1-3, This is 1-1. Do you have eyes on? We don't see shit down here.

Matkovic: Roger. We got you covered. Right side. Ground level.

Man 2: Location one cleared. Moving on location two. 12 o'clock. Upper floors.

Next target.

Man 3: Ready flashbang! Go, go, go!

Man 4: Fuck! That was close!

Matkovic: Shooter on low right. Shed roof. See him?

Keep it up!

Bang on!

Onto the next guy! Quick!

Truck, inbound. Left of building. Light it up!

Man 4: Fuck. More hostiles.

Shit. They're coming this way.

They're crossing the playground! Light 'em up!

Shit! RPG on the roof!

Drop that son of a bitch!

Man 3: This is 1-1. Reference our position. Technical coming in from your right!

Matkovic: You're on.

Man 4: Engage the technical! Taking effective fire!

Man 3: Next room! Move, move!

Clear! Go find him!!

I got visual on target! He's running! Al-Bashir is mobile!

1-3, the HVT is coming out of the garage! Stop the car!

Matkovic: I got it.

I got it. On the right. Bottom floor. Vehicle lights.

Man 4: Damnit! We gotta stop him! Come on!

Hurry! Move, move!

Man 4: 1-4, 1-3, we got Al-Bashir. Securing him now, over.

Man 5: Roger. We are on route to extract point now. You have PLR elements coming our way. Prepare for contact! Out!

Man 4: I got him. You cover the road.

He's fucked up bad! We gotta get him outta here!

Man 5: 1-3, this is 1-4. Fighting out way over to the mall. RV with you there asap.

Man 4: Hold them at the gate. I need time to get him inside. Don't let anyone get past!

Blackburn, get your ass in here. I found a good location.

Man 6: Misfit 1-4, this is Razorback 2-2. We are inbound to extract point, over.

Man 5: Roger that, 2-2. Moving under contact. Be ready for hot extract! Out!

Man 4: These wounds look bad. Hey! Hey, stay awake! Come on! Hey, don't die on me now! Hey, what's your name? What's your name?

Al-Bashir: My name. . .my name is Farukh Al-Bashir.

Man 4: Come on man, hang on! Hang on!

Al-Bashir: No. There is nothing more to say.

Man 7: Yeah, whatever. Blackburn, lat some claymores down here. There's gonna be a lot of angry people showing up. Cover the entrances. When enemy arrives, just blow 'em up! Come on, hurry up! Here they come!

Man 3: 1-3, status?

Man 4: We're holed up inside the mall, west side. Second floor, near the extract point.

Man 3: Roger. Trying ot make it over to you now. Have eyes on a PLR unit moving past us into the mall. Ground level. Should be to your front. Over.

Man 4: Roger. You heard him. Watch and shoot ground level entrance.

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