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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 23 - Night Shift

Check out this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Night Shift".


Misfit Actual: 1-3, heads up. PLR are using outside stairs to get to the second floor. Watch the entry points, over!

Misfit 1-3: Roger. Cover off on those doors - dead ahead!

Misfit Actual: What's the condition of the prisoner?

Misfit 1-3: Severe bleeding - shock setting in. Doesn't look good

Misfit Actual: Do not let him die, you read me? Keep him alive!

Misfit 1-3: Roger. 1-4, 1-3. What's your status on getting to the mall, over?

Misfit 1-4: Under heavy fire. Enemy units are breaking away from contact and moving toward you. Second floor exit doors, how copy?

Misfit 1-3: Solid copy. Blackburn! We've got to relocate. Come on.

Misfit 2-2: All stations Misfit. 2-2 is three mikes out. Stand by on extract, out.

Misfit Actual: Misfit 1-3, this is Misfit Actual. Exfil in three mikes, how copy?

Misfit 1-3: Copy. We're a little busy with Al-Bashir right now. He doesn't look good.

Misfit Actual: Do not let him die. You read me. Keep him alive!

Misfit 1-3: Wilco. Blackburn, come here. I think he's delirious.

Al-Bashir: You can not stop Solomon any more than you can stop the sun from rising.

Blackburn: Here comes our ride.

Misfit 1-3: Blackburn, get ready to pull out. Check fire! Friendlies coming out of the mall!

Misfit Actual: Get Al-Bashir on board!

Misfit 1-3: Hold them of a little bit longer. Now, go, go, go, go! He's dying. Blackburn, get your ass over here. Come on! I need a hand. We're losing him. Hit him with this.

Al-Bashir: How did you find me? The execution video. Solomon, Solomon! It must have been him. He said get the bombs. Use them for leverage. Then he stole them. He used me. He uses everyone. The dog betrayed me with his plans. Trans and for that I will get him for this. Listen. The fourteenth of this month when the sun is set, Solomon will strike. Burn in hell, all of you

Misfit 1-2: Hey, hey. Come on. Hang in there. Come on! Goddammit, we lost him. I don't know what the hell was he talking about. Hey here's his phone. Maybe there's good intel in here.

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