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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 24 - Rock and a Hard Place

Check out part 25 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Rock and a Hard Place".


Investigator 1: Does this look familiar? Because it should. Perhaps you'd like me to tell you what's on it?

Blackburn: What's it going to cost me? Time's running out.

Investigator 1: Oh, I'll give it to you for free. That phone contains information about a Russian arms dealer named Amir Kaffarov. He was on pretty good terms with your old buddy, Al-Bashir. Did you know...

Investigator 2: Beating a dead horse.

Investigator 1: I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was done speaking. Did you know that Kaffarov and Al-Bashir were working together?

Blackburn: All I know is we were redeployed based on the info we got from this phone.

Investigator 1: And where was that?

Blackburn: Northern Iran. Kaffarov was believed to be there with the missing nukes.

Investigator 2: Believed to be? No one but you heard Al-Bashir's confession. No one knows where he got this phone.

Blackburn: Listen to me. We have to stop Solomon. You took the phone call. You know he's here.

Investigator 1: That's all well and good, Sergeant, but we still need you to fill in the blanks. This next part is where you have a big credibility problem.

Blackburn: Fine. Kaffarov had a villa in the Gilad Valley. We were headed there. But it got complicated.

Campo: Okay, Kaffarov's compound is on the other side of this valley. Just past the Gilad Bridge.

Montes: So who is this guy exactly?

Campo: The guy from Al-Bashir's phone, an arms dealer.

Montes: That's all they know?

Campo: That's all we know. He could be connected to those nukes.

Radio Speaker: All Misfit call signs advance to one-six westing on Rolte Red. Break. They've made contact with a squad sized force. Over.

Campo: Roger that. Can you confirm the size?

Radio Speaker: One-three, I have no further information. Out.

Campo: Hey, Matkovic, wake up. It's enough sleep, dream warrior.

Matkovic: Huh? Thirty four minutes. I've been asleep for 34 minutes. Drinking a vanilla milkshake. Does that mean something?

Montes: Oh, shit! Ambush left!

Matkovic: They're in the trees!

Campo: Vehicle down. Taking fire from the left!

Montes: Enemy behind the rock, left side!

Campo: Misfit actual this is one-three. We are receiving accurate fire. Two-three is down. We are engaging. Pinned down! Get fresh mags in!

Matkovic: What the fuck is going on?

Campo: I don't know. We'll run a play up the middle. Short yardage!

Montes: Go! Go! Get up here. Move, move move! Contact front. Oh, goddammit!

Campo: They're Russian Paras. Real Russians. What does that mean? Maybe they're working for Kaffarov.

Montes: Look. Either way, Steve I am concerned that we're slightly overmatched here.

Campo: We got a job to do. Those nukes.

Montes: It's Misfit.

Campo: Let's go talk about it.

Montes: Oh my God! Russian Transports!

Campo: Holy fucking shit!

Montes: Well, we can't go through them. No way, no how.

Man 1: Enemy units down there, setting up. Airdrop rules out a straight route.

Campo: Sir, what the hell's going on here?

Man 1: They're here for the same reason we are, Sergeant.

Campo: We're at war with Russia, now. Is that what's happening?

Man 1: Were you fired upon?

Campo: Yes.

Man 1: Doctrine says you can return fire if fired upon. That's not war. Not technically. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Campo: Yes, sir!

Man 1: I'm saying we need to get there first. You think the Russians are here just because? They're covering their asses. We know they're working with the PLR. Now let's move it out.

Montes: Yeah, okay. We're just going to finish one war by starting another. That is out-fucking-standing!

Campo: Montes, you heard the orders. Let's go!

Montes: We can't go through them. No way-no how.

Man 1: Fall in and prepare to move.

Campo: Targets. Coax. Troops.

Montes: Taking fire!

Man 1: Spread out. Spread the fuck out!

Campo: Targets in depth. Use cover! They're coming in. Skirt the edges! Positions!

Man 1: Keep up the fire!

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