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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 26 - Rock and a Hard Place

Check out this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Rock and a Hard Place".


Sergeant Campo: Incoming! Keep the tempo up. Fire and maneuver! Tango behind cover. Right side!

We have to get out of this enfilade fire and unfuck ourselves now. Enemy armor drop! Two more BMDs! Armor's active and mobile! Got them!

Man 1: Enemy down!

Sergeant Campo: Let's roll! I got eyes on infantry, advancing on our position! I see them. Blackburn, hold your sector. Support Matkovic. Contact, direct front!

Man 2: Sergeant Campo, sitrep.

Sergeant Campo: Sir, we're not equipped to take on a Russian brigade. Maybe we ought to rethink this.

Man 2: This is maneuver warfare, Sergeant. If you don't like it, you can go join the fucking Air Force.

Gentlemen, you have never let me down before. Now I fully expect you to accomplish this task.

Sergeant Campo: Absolutely, Sir.

Man 1: No, Steve, look, I'm sorry, but that's completely unreasonable. I have serious reservations about this task.

Man 2: Sergeant Campo, Blackburn. Push on as required!

Sergeant Campo: That's fast air! That's not ours, is it? Shit! Did he see us? Did he see us?

Man 1: Oh, he's doubling back! Holy fucking shit! Find cover!

Sergeant Campo: We can't do fuck all to that thing! Where are the Stingers?

Man 1: They're in the vehicles.

Sergeant Campo: Shit! It's coming back again! We're fucked! Stingers were in the LAVs. That was the last of them.

Man 1: Can we get them?

Sergeant Campo: Gonna have to! Come on, man, let's go. Hurry, here it comes! Go, go! Find the Stinger. It's in the Growler!

Man 1: We're fucking cut off.

Sergeant Campo: Stay low! Move, move, move!

Man 1: Incoming!

Man 2: Push up, goddamnit. Push up!

Sergeant Campo: Can't do shit. Blackburn, Montes! Search in the Growler! Now, Matkovic! Go, go, go! Is it in there?

Man 1: It's caught in the fucking wreck.

Sergeant Campo: Arm quick. IFF should be up!

Montes: You fucking dick, Steve.

Man 2: All right. I know what you're thinking. Maybe if I'd done something different, they'd both still be here. This is a war. And things happen in a war. Now, we still have a job to do. We have to get to Kaffarov, and we have to get to him first, whether the nukes are there or not.

Montes: There's no "we". There's just us, and there's you.

Man 2: It's on you, marines. Are you coming with me?

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