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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 28 - Kaffarov

Check out part 29 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "Kaffarov".


Man 1: The Americans are coming. They're near Gilad Valley.

Get everyone back here now. We're leaving.

Man 2: Sir, the airspace is problematic.

Man 1: I'm aware of the situation. Just do what I say.

Man 3: Perfect, he has no idea how close we are.

Kiril: It's still going to be tight.

Man 3: We have to be ready for anything. Kiril will go first. I'll follow him. Dima, watch our backs. Remember, GRU wants Kaffarov alive. But the priority is the nukes.

Kiril: Fuck.

Man 3: Stay back from the windows.

Kiril: Come on. Let's do it.

Man 3: Get ready.

Man 5: Gstes.

Kiril: What are you waiting for? Come on, come on, get on with it! Fuck!

Man 3: There. A bio-scanner. They're not going to let us through. Dima, take the one on the right. Wait for my order.

Three, two, one. Now!

Kiril: Check the door.

Man 3: The door will hold for awhile. Come on!

Control room. There!

We need a hand.

Kiril: I got it!

Man 3: Dima, that way. Open the gates! Quickly! The surprise moment is gone!

Kiril: It would happen eventually. So let's go!

Man 6: Sir! Enemy forces confirmed on the grounds!

Kiril: Pairs movement.

Suppressive fire!

Man 3: Go wide of the vehicles! Watch for secondaries!

Kiril: Contact. On the ground by the house.

Man 3: I see it!

There's a pipe under the road. See if you can flank them!

Man 3: Dima, use the pipe! Get flanking fire on them!

Dima: I count 30 dead. GRU underestimated his security detail.

Man 3: Watch out for the roof!

Kiril: The villa is on the other side.

Man 6: Secondary team is nearly at the pool house. Will report once there.

Man 3: Wait. Let them come to us. Dima, find a way to the roof. Get into over watch and provide supportive fire. We'll hold them from down here.

Kiril: I saw a staircase through the door behind us. On the right.

Man 3: Are you deaf? Go, go!

Dima: Kiril, do you see them?

Kiril: Negative! Dima, engage with thermal if you can!

Man 3: They are retreating! Cease fire! Dima, come here!

Dima: Snipers! They're on the villa roof!

Man 3: Dima! Engage the snipers!

Kiril: Start shooting snipers!

Dima! Get down here!

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