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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 31 - The Great Destroyer

Check out part 32 of this walkthrough for the first person shooter, Battlefield 3, made by DICE, and find out how to beat "The Great Destroyer".


Gordon: So you admit to shooting your commanding officer under the direction of a Russian agent, is that correct? So unless you have something else significant to share with us, Sergeant, this investigation is over. You have been played, it's the Russians.

Blackburn: No, it's Solomon. Haven't you listened to anything I've been saying?

Kovic: You want us to believe there's a PLR threat and Solomon's at the head?

Blackburn: Yes.

Kovic: To believe that you acted in the best interest of our nation when you let a Russian agent go and shot your own man? But we can't. Nothing can be corroborated.

Blackburn: This is insane.

Gordon: No one can verify the third nuke even exists.

Kovic: The bank collapsed. Al-Bashir's dead. Your unit is dead. Dima is presumed dead. Kaffarov is dead. Eighty thousand French people are actually dead.

Gordon: Those are all your witnesses, Sergeant.

Kovic: The only thing we can say happened for sure is you fragged your CO.

Gordon: Bring him in.

Kovic: All right, come on.

Montes: Aaah, man.

Kovic: You saw this man shoot his commanding officer, right?

Gordon: Just knock off the bullshit, Sergeant. Didn't Dima set you up? Didn't he talk you into shooting Cole and then escape to Paris where he triggered the nuke? Wasn't that Dima?

Blackburn: Solomon has the nuke.

Gordon: Solomon's one of ours. He is an overseas asset, and he has been for years. We put him next to Al-Bashir for information.

Blackburn: You are shitting me. He's a murderer. You saw the video.

Gordon: Well, you get the good with the bad when it comes to assets, and sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

Kovic: Isn't that your angle?

Blackburn: Jesus Christ. The nuke is still out there. Solomon's still out there. You can't just walk away from the threat!

Gordon: You might be right, Sergeant. Maybe Solomon was too close to the fire. But I assure you we are on top of this situation. The Russians are a clear and present threat.

Yes? What do you mean you lost a train?

Dima: Solomon's using the PLR.

Gordon: He is an overseas asset, and he has been for years.

Al-Bashir: He used me, and he uses everyone. He said, "Get the bombs".

Gordon: Eighty thousand dead.

Dimitri: We can avert war between our nations.

Gordon: Well the blast yield matches Russian suitcase nuke specs.

Campo: We have secured what appears to be a WMD.

Montes: Wait, there's room for two more.

Montes: How many portable nuclear devices did you see in the bank vault? Where the hell are the other two?

Al-Bashir: The 14th of this month.

Montes: We got maps of Paris, New York.

Dima: He's using public transit to move the weapons.

Al-Bashir: Solomon will strike.

Blackburn: The train map inside the bank vault - what was the time written on it?

Montes: 6:02 - why?

Blackburn: Dave, you trust me?

Montes: Oh, yeah.

Blackburn: All right, follow my lead.

Blackburn: Aw, fuck. Come on, move it! The train's coming!

Montes: Get on the fucking train, Blackburn. You've got one shot. Go!

Solomon: My brothers. You know what must be done. No one in this vile place is innocent, no one! Everything and everyone will burn!

Solomon: Are you alone? Huh? Who are you with?

Solomon: You're good, soldier. You are good. What's next? I'm not afraid to die. How about you?

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