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How to Earn Money with Ad-Supported YouTube Videos

Learn how to earn money with ad-supported videos from Fullscreen founder George Strompolos in this Howcast video about how to make money with YouTube.


Hi, my name is George Strompolos. I'm the CEO and founder of Fullscreen. We help people grow their channels on YouTube with business services, technology support, and advertising opportunities. And today we're going to be talking about how to earn money on YouTube.

The way the partner program works is advertisements are placed alongside or in some cases right before your videos when people watch them. YouTube shares the majority of the money that's generated from those advertisements with you, the creator. Put simply, you can make money through ad-supported videos. Now the amount of money you make depends on how many people watch your videos. If you upload a video that gets seen by 10 people that's pretty cool, but unfortunately that's 10 advertisements and it's not worth a whole lot. But if you upload a video that gets seen by a million people, that's really cool and that happens to be worth a lot more. So you can make money through ad-supported videos through YouTube's partnership program, but you do need to generate a significant amount of viewership for it be worth enough to maybe make a living off of. One other factor that comes into play is as you start to build a channel that has a lot of subscribers, a lot of fans. Not only will you have more advertisements appearing through the partnership program, but you'll actually have a lot more advertisers calling you directly. That's one of the great things that happens as you build a successful channel. Not only do advertisers want to be there in terms of the pre-roll advertisement or the banner, which they purchased through the YouTube program, but in many cases they'll want you to drink a Pepsi in the middle of your video and do product integration. So that's another form of ad-supported video which is pretty common in the larger YouTube channels

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