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How to Make Money on YouTube with George Strompolos

Learn about George Strompolos, one of Howcast's experts on YouTube and making money online, in this video.


Hi, my name is George Strompolos. I'm the CEO and founder of Fullscreen. Our website is We have over 400 YouTube channels, and we help these channels grow by promoting them, by providing technical tools and business services to help them thrive as new channels and creators on the YouTube platform.

I was actually an employee of YouTube. I was one of their early guys who helped found what's known as the YouTube partner program. Initially, YouTube was just a home to share and watch videos. From that point, it actually grew into a place to make money off of your videos. So the partner program opened up a whole new creative class. People that were making videos, animations, songs, interacting with each other. And since then it's been pretty amazing to watch it grow. I'm personally a big media geek. My background is in working at Google, YouTube, CNet, and Wired magazine. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, that's what we spend a lot of our time doing here at FullScreen. And today we're going to be talking about how to earn money on YouTube.

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