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What Basic Tools Do You Need for Cupcake Decorating?

Learn the basic tools needed for cupcake decorating in this Howcast food video with expert Liz Sutton.


"Hi, My name is Elizabeth Sutton. I am one of the head decorators here at Amanda Oakleaf Cakes. I really enjoy working here and being a cake decorator and more specifically a cupcake decorator. You can come visit us at our storefront. It's at 1 Pauline Street in Winthrop, Massachusetts and you can also visit our website at And today, I'm going to be talking to you about cupcake decorating.
So, some of the basic tools of cupcake decorating, it really depends on what kind of cupcake that you want to make. If you're going to do a traditional buttercream cupcake, a good place to start would be a piping bag. This is a good size piping bag, it holds a lot of frosting. So what you want to do is you want to fit it with a piping tip. This is a traditional round tip and you just insert it in the piping bag and wa la, you just fill it with frosting and this would make a traditional swirl. We also have another popular tip to use. It would be the star tip and that makes kind of a more fancy, ruffly swirl. If you going to color the frosting, we recommend using gel paste food coloring as opposed to traditional food coloring because it's more concentrated, it will last longer and you need to use less of it. So we really recommend using the gel.
If you're going to be using fondant to decorate your cupcakes, there's some more tools you might want to use. Right here, we have a small little fondant roller. It's really handy because it's tiny. This is a pastry cutter. It's like a pizza cutter, one side is a straight edge and one side is a more of a ruffly edge. It's good. You can use it to make lattice pattern on top of your cupcakes. It's really pretty. Some other tools you might want to consider are miniature cookie cutters. We just like to use these to brighten up kind of a plain cupcake. You know you can cut out a little flower or star and stick it on top of the cupcake. It makes it ten times more fancy. And if you want to get really creative, we have these edible food markers. It's just a regular marker with edible food coloring inside of it. So you can draw on the fondant. You can write people's names. People really enjoy it and they're really easy to use."

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