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Uncharted 3 Walkthrough - Chapter 6 (3 of 3)

Beat Chapter 6 "The Chateau" of Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception with this online demo.


Nate: All right.

Sully: Well, which way now?

Nate: I'm not really sure. Hey, look at this. What the hell? It's one of Talbot's men.

Sully: It was. But that's impossible, they just got here.

Nate: Yeah but what could have happened to them?

Sully: I have no idea, but I sure as hell don't like it. Hey, look at the tiles-Sabaean script. I'll stand over here so I don't step on any by accident. That's it! You did it!

Nate: It's pitch dark in here. Want to give us some light?

Sully: Sure. Whoa. Looks like some sort of laboratory, doesn't it?

Nate: Yeah. This stuff's got to be at least 400 years old. Hey, little more light, Sully.

Sully: You got it.

Nate: Hm. Seems to be an alchemist's lab. Wait a second... does this place remind you of anything?

Sully: Yeah, Marlowe's creepy hideout, now that you mention it.

Nate: Sully, this was John Dee's lab.

Sully: All the way out here? In France?

Nate: Well, he must have traced the clues back to the Crusades, just like Lawrence did.

Sully: Hey, look at this.

Nate: Huh, Sabaean script again. But what are these symbols? Looks like he was trying to work something out. There's some sort of message written here in Enochian script.

Sully: Think you can decipher it?

Nate: I'll try. 'The altar guards the the underworld.' Huh. Well, he did use magic to conjure spirits.

Sully: Yeah. Or the altar could be hiding a secret passage.

Nate: Oh, right.

Sully: Help me push. Well, would you look at that.

Nate: Crafty old bastard.

Sully: Why thank you.

Nate: Not you-John Dee

Sully: Oh

Nate: Oh, here we go. Sully, give me a light.

Sully: Yeah.

Nate: Ah, much better.

Sully: You know, one of these days you are really going to have to start carrying your own matches.

Nate: What are you talking about? Whoa.. Looks like they really wanted to keep something out.

Sully: Or in... Here give me a hand with this.

Nate: I got it.

Sully: Here you go. Looks like the family crypt. Your pal Godfrey must be down here then, huh?

Nate: With any luck. If he knew anything about the 'Atlantis of the sands,' he took it with him to the grave.

Sully: So let's find the grave.

Nate: Exactly. What is this, a medieval game show? Pretty elaborate.

Sully: Yeah.

Nate: Got it.

Sully: Good job, kid. Ah, looks inviting. Watch yourself. Lord Godfrey, I presume.

Nate: The one and only. This is it. Here hold this, will you?

Sully: Sure.

Nate: Look, it's some sort of amulet. Something written here.

Sully: Going to do this right on top of Lancelot, huh?

Nate: Uh..huh. It's in Sabaean script.

Sully: Well, that would be from ancient Yemen, all right.

Nate: Yeah, exactly where Francis Drake would have landed back in the 16th century. Could be the name of a city?

Sully: Yeah, from 3000 years ago. Without the rest of that inscription, we still don't know where to look.

Nate: Well, let's hope the other half is in Syria.

Sully: Yeah, and that Cutter and Chloe can find it.

Male 1: Ah, I wouldn't recommend that.

Sully: Shit

Male 1: Nice work, gentlemen. Harris, please relieve Mr. Drake of the artifact.

Nate: Yeah, Harris, come get it.

Male 1: Now-it's hardly worth dying over, is it? Your friend doesn't think so.

Sully: C'mon, Nate.

Male 2: What is that?

Nate: Oh my God.

Sully: What the hell... Stay in the light.

Male 1: Get it! Quickly!

Harris: Get them off me!

Male 1: Your torch seems to be dying out. Good luck with that.

Sully: God, what a dick.

Nate: Right?

Sully: We have got to find a way out of here fast. Stay close.

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