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Uncharted 3 Walkthrough - Chapter 7 (2 of 2)

Beat Chapter 7 "Stay in the Light" of Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception with this online demo.


Nate: Down here. We're almost out!

Sully: Head for the door!

Man 1: Burn, you bastards.

Nate: Oh, no, no, no, no!

Sully: Son of a bitch!

Nate: Wait, up here! There's the door. Oh no, no, no!

Sully: Nate!

Nate: Oh God!

Sully: You all right?

Nate: Go! Go! Oh!

Sully: Shit!

Nate: Damn it! Sully, I'm stuck, help me out!

Man 2: Oh shit! It's them! Get down!

Sully: Damn it!

Nate: Thanks.

Sully: There you go, let's go!

Sully: Watch it! Oooh, shit!

Nate: Sully, little help?

Sully: Give me your hand.

Nate: Thanks.

Sully: Come on, up here! Come on, Nate, keep moving! Oh shit!

Nate: Sully! Sully, hang on!

Sully: I'm slipping!

Nate: I'm coming. All right, I've got you, I've got you.

Sully: Oh, God. Thanks.

Nate: Go!

Sully: Oh god!

Nate: Just keep climbing!

Sully: Come on, Nate!

Man 3: Can't see!

Man 4: This way! It's them!

Man 5: Go! Go! Go!

Nate: This whole place is coming down!

Man 6: Incoming!

Nate: Oh, crap! There's a ladder! Come on! Come on, Sully. Hold on!

Sully: Oh shit!

Nate: Go!

Sully: Watch it, Nate!

Nate: Oh my God!

Sully: The whole damn tower is coming down! Run!

Nate: Go! Keep running, Sully!

Sully: Oh, shit! Come on!

Nate: Oh, man. That was close, huh? You all right?

Sully: Oh yeah, just swell.

Nate: Here.

Sully: Just... give me a sec. You always seem to forget, I've got 25 years on you.

Nate: Ah, come on Sully, you're strong as an Ox.

Sully: Anyway, what's the hurry? They think we're in that.

Nate: We almost were.

Sully: I've got to say, I'm losing the plot here. Remind me again why we're doing this?

Nate: No, no, no, no. If you're gearing up for one of your 'I'm too old for this' speeches, spare me.

Sully: Nate, these guys are playing for keeps.

Nate: Yeah, so? What, you're just going to roll over for them now?

Sully: Nobody is talking about rolling over.

Nate: Then quit acting like you're ready to lay down and die, all right?

Sully: Listen kid, I've had your back for 20 years. I'm not going anywhere, obviously. I just want to make sure we're doing this for the right reasons. You've got your pride all tangled up in this thing. It's making you reckless. I taught you better than that. Going to get yourself killed. Damn. Hell, probably get us all killed.

Nate: Oh no...

Sully: What?

Nate: Cutter and Chloe. Sully, if we were followed...

Sully: Ah shit, chances are they were, too.

Nate: We've got to warn them.

Sully: Yeah. And get to Syria, fast.

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