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Uncharted 3 Walkthrough - Chapter 8 (2 of 5)

Check out Part 3 and beat Chapter 8 "The Citadel" of Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception with this online demo.


Sully: Nate, over here.

Nate: Back up. I'll shoot the lock. Ah, crap, come on. Sully, help me out. This place is crawling with agents. Chloe and Cutter could be in real trouble.

Sully: Where the hell could they be? What the hell?

Chloe: Why aren't you in France?

Nate: We're rescuing you?

Charlie: From what?

Nate: We though you were captured.

Sully: Or worse.

Chloe: Wait, why?

Nate: Well, Talbot ambushed us at the chateau. It was a trap.

Sully: Yeah, we figured they must've followed you, too.

Charlie: Well yeah, they're definitely here.

Sully: Yeah, no kidding.

Chloe: So we might want to think about keeping it down a little.

Nate: What happened to you two? We've been trying to reach you for over 24 hours.

Charlie: Oh, right, I need to top up my minutes.

Nate: You're using a pre-paid phone?

Charlie: Mate, those contracts are a complete rip-off.

Chloe: What? Mine's broken.

Nate: Again?

Charlie: Look, just forget all that. You'll never guess what we've discovered. I've got it all in here... Not only did Elizabeth's spy network stretch all the way over here. But they were all part of some sort of Hermetic secret society. The British Occult Secret Service, The School of Night, the Hellfire Club, the Order of the Golden Dawn. They're all connect.

Nate: So John Dee...

Charlie: ...and Francis Walsingham, and Walter Raleigh, and even your mate Drake, they were all in on it. But for them it was all about the power. Controlling their enemies through espionage, deception, fear.

Sully: Hey, guys?

Nate: Wait, wait. So Marlowe and her crew...

Charlie: Are the same secret order 400 years on.

Sully: Will you cut the goddamn chase, please?

Chloe: Yeah, we really need to keep moving.

Charlie: Sure, sure. Here, look. Quod est superius...

Nate: ...est sicut quod est inferius. As above, so below.

Charlie: That's the key to all of this.

Nate: We need to get to the highest point of this castle.

Charlie: Thus the stairs.

Nate: Well done. We should be able to find our way into the crypts with this clue. The entrance has got to be hidden here someplace.

Charlie: There, that's the highest tower.

Nate: Okay, so we just need to make our way across...

Chloe: Look out!

Nate: Oh shit. Bullocks. Get down!

Chloe: Now what?

Nate: All right, the only way to the tower is through them.

Sully: Great. Whatever happened to that sneak in, sneak out plan?

Chloe: You what? We can't quit now.

Nate: Yeah, not when we're so close. Come on, we'll find another way around them.

Charlie: Grenade!

Man 1 : We're here. We just have to find them. Just wait until they get their hands on Cutter.

Charlie: There's an entrance at the base of the tower.

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