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Uncharted 3 Walkthrough - Chapter 9 (2 of 4)

Check out Part 3 and beat Chapter 9 "The Middle Way" of Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception with this online demo.


Nate: Follow me!

Sully: No, no. I'm not turning my back on you just yet. After you.

Charlie: Huh! Oh great. Next thing I know, you'll be putting that gun to the back of my head, telling me about the rabbits.

Nate: Hey, play nice, boys.

Chloe: Yeah, come on. You're almost through.

Sully: Come on, let's move it along. They'll be looking for us.

Charlie: Amazing. Is that... Is that a globe?

Nate: Looks like this thing should spin, doesn't it?

Chloe: This is more than just a crypt.

Sully: Yes, the whole damn room looks like some kind of ancient device.

Charlie: Where's my notebook?

Sully: You gave it to Talbot, don't you remember?

Charlie: What? No, I didn't.

Chloe: See anything up there?

Nate: Hey, I bet we can light these.

Chloe: They look like some kind of projections. They are marking positions on the globe.

Charlie: Let us get the other ones lit.

Nate: Two more to go. Just one left. Last one.

Charlie: Incredible! The beams don't line up with anything, though.

Sully: Let's keep looking.

Charlie: Hey, hey. Is that the water?

Nate: I'm not sure.

Charlie: Oh, no. Please, please tell me that you see them too.

Nate: Oh, yeah, I see them. Whatever you do, don't let them touch you.

Charlie: Really?

Nate: Just stay in the firelight.

Charlie: What are you doing?

Nate: I should be able to make it over to that brazier if I run for it.

Charlie: You what?

Nate: I'll clear the way for you once I get there.

Charlie: If you get there. You're mental!

Nate: We have to get the water flowing. You have a better idea?

Charlie: If you throw the torch down there, you might be able to light the brazier. You got it! Grab another one and try again. Looks like there is another brazier up there. Think you could throw the torch up there and light that thing? Nice throw! What are you doing? Move, Nate! They're after you! Hurry, Nate! They're on the move! You got it! Nice one.

Nate: All right, get on the other crank and help me open it.

Charlie: Let's give it a go.

Nate: There we go.

Charlie: Don't tell me we have to swim across.

Nate: What is the matter Charlie? Awww... kitty don't like getting wet.

Charlie: I hate getting wet.

Nate: Okay, one more.

Charlie: All right, let's do this again.

Chloe: It worked! It started to spin!.

Charlie: We should be able to rotate the globe now.

Sully: Now we're getting somewhere. Hey, it looks like those light projections might line up with the land masses.

Chloe: Go on. Give it a spin.

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