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Uncharted 3 Walkthrough - Chapter 9 (3 of 4)

Check out Part 4 and beat Chapter 9 "The Middle Way" of Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception with this online demo.


Victor: Hey, it looks like those light projections might line up with the other land land masses.

Elena: Go on. Give it a spin.

Victor: Nice job, kid. You did it.

Nathan: Incredible! That's got to be the entrance to the inner crypts. Come on.

Charlie: Here we go.

Nathan: All right, we're looking for a knight's tomb, just like we found in France. Now if my hunch is right, he'll be buried with the other half of our amulet.

Elena: Is that it?

Victor: Yep. Just like the one in France.

Elena: Amazing.

Charlie: Yeah, brilliant. Let's get it open. There it is.

Nathan: What did I tell you?

Charlie: Let's see the other half.

Nathan: Yeah, about that... uh... Talbot has it.

Victor: What?

Nathan: Yeah, I told you about how he ambushed us at the chateau. That's when he took it.

Charlie: Well, why did we even bother then?

Nathan: Hold on. Give me a little credit. Here. There. You see?

Charlie: And with the inscription complete...

Nathan: We know exactly where to go in Yemen. Thank you very much.

Elena: Nicely done.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, all the same. I think I'll hold onto this one.

Nathan: All right, let's get the hell out of here.

Male: Keep looking. They have to be here somewhere.

Victor: Oh, shit.

Charlie: They must've followed us.

Elena: Well, we better hope there's another way out of here. Ah, there's a draft over here.

Nathan: Hey, come here.

Victor: Yeah, yeah. I can feel the breeze.

Elena: Awesome, please be an outside wall.

Nathan: It's got some give. Charlie, help me with this.

Charlie: Yeah.

Elena: Guys, we don't have much time.

Nathan: Come on, go!

Elena: Yes!

Charlie: Thanks very much, I'll take that.

Talbot: Drop your weapons.

Nathan: Yeah, I don't think so.

Talbot: Well then. What a dilemma. We seem to be equally matched. Until the rest of my men show up, that is.

Victor: We can wait.

Elena: Oh no. Guys...

Nathan: Charlie?

Victor: Oh, goddammit.

Talbot: Now that changes things a bit, doesn't it? Now drop your guns.

Nathan: Why don't go you...

Talbot: Cutter, shoot him.

Elena: No!

Victor: Wait! Just stop, okay?

Talbot: Now that's better, isn't it? Shoot him.

Victor: You son of a bitch.

Talbot: Cutter, pull the trigger.

Cutter: My pleasure. Run!

Victor: Head for the tower!

Elena: Go, go!

Charlie: Shit, I'm out of bullets. Run! Up the stairs! Why on earth did you drop your guns?

Nathan: You might've given us a wink or something.

Charlie: Well, I didn't expect you to give up quite that easily, did I?

Nathan: Oh, shit.

Victor: Come on, Cutter!

Elena: Okay, what can we do? What can we do?

Nathan: Charlie!

Charlie: What the hell?

Talbot: You didn't make it very far, did you? Hand it over.

Charlie: Piss off.

Victor: There's nothing we can do, kid.

Elena: Jesus, this is unbearable.

Katherine: Oh, Cutter. I had such high hopes for you.

Charlie: Yeah, right.

Katherine: It's true. You had potential. Now... well, it's funny how things work out, isn't it? You betray my trust, and now we find ourselves here. As if it were in the cards all along.

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