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Uncharted 3 Walkthrough - Chapter 20 (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat Chapter 20 "The Settlement" of Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception with this online demo.


Salim: To the convoy, follow me, this way!

Nate: You got it.

Salim: Stay close, stay close!

Careful, this pass is narrow.

Nate: Salim, is it much farther?

Salim: We are nearly there. The convoy will be up ahead!

Be careful, be careful. There they are! The convoy is right below. We have to hurry.

Drake, save your bullets. They're too far away. They're out of range!

This is a shortcut. Just stay with me!

Come on, we're nearly there! Come on!

Quickly, now is our chance! Let's go!

Drake, get on the trucks! Take these guys out!

Nate: I got the one on the left!

My friend's probably up at the front!

Salim: Nice shooting, Drake!

Nate: Look for the lead car! That's where Sullivan is.

Salim: Good shot! Get back on your horse.

Nate: I think I got this horse thing down!

Man 1: This is over.

Salim: Take out the two trucks! You got to take out that heavy machine gun!

Nate: I'm on it.

Salim: Take out the truck!

Shoot them with the RPG!

Nate: Bingo!

Salim: One more truck to go! Come on, take him out!

Nate: Got him! Do you smell smoke?

Salim: The truck is on fire! Jump!

Close one!

Salim: Take out these bikes. I can't get past!

Stay with me. Come on, we're nearly there!

Quickly, through the canyon.

Nate: We must get to the lead vehicles!


Salim: Come on give me your hand!

[Arabic 00:04:49]

Nate: There's my horse!

Salim: There! Jump to the horse, Drake! Jump to the horse!

Nate: We're almost to the front!

Man 2: [Arabic 00:05:37]

Nate: Sullivan! Sully, you in there?



You're alive!

Sullivan: Oh crap! I'm slipping!

Nate: Hang on!

Sullivan: Oh shit! Help me!

Nate: I'm coming! I'm Coming!

Sullivan: Oh crap! I'm slipping

Nate: Hang on, I got you!

Sullivan: I can't hold on!

Nate: Salim, grab him!

Salim: Take my hand, I got you!

Nate: Oh shit!

Oh, no, no, no, no!

No shit!

Sullivan: Hang on!

Watch it kid!

Nate: Hey.

Sullivan: Oh man.

Nate: You all right?

Sullivan: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. But, damn, I was sure they'd killed you, kid.

Nate: Well, they tried, right?

Sullivan: So how the hell did you find me all the way out here?

Nate: I had some help.

Salim: Salim.

Sullivan: Sullivan. Thank you.

Salim: We haven't much time. We cannot allow them to reach the city.

Nate: I don't know . . .

Sullivan: He's right, Nate. I've been trapped with those crazy bastards for days. I don't know what the hell it is Marlowe is after exactly. But it sure as hell ain't treasure. We got to stop them.

Salim: Drake, we must go. Now.


Nate: Never a dull moment, huh, Sully?

Sullivan: Why change now?

Salim: There! Straight ahead!

Nate: Into the storm? Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Salim: Trust me, Drake! Trust me!

Nate: Salim!

Salim: Drake, where are you?

Nate: Sully! Sully, stay close!

Sullivan: Where's Salim?

Nate: We must've lost them!

Sullivan: It's no good! Let them go!

Nate: They must know something we don't!

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