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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Hunter Killer

Beat "Hunter Killer" of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed first person shooter from Infinity Ward.


Sandman: Hold fire! Anvil team approaching! Anybody hit?

Grizzly: We're good!

Sandman: What's the sit-rep on mid-town?

Grizzly: The Russians have it locked down. They're kicking our ass! We can't get through!

Sandman: Any word on air support?

Grizzly: Still nothing! Guidance systems are scrambled! We need to get that jammer down!

Sandman: Then let's move!

Grizzly: They're dug in! Frost, get on the XM25 and flush them out!

Grinch: Contact! Memorial building to the north!

Sandman: Target building up ahead! Push forward! Inside the stock exchange! Let's move!

Grizzly: We'll secure the lobby while you hit the trading floor.

Sandman: Roger that. Metal, let's roll.

Truck: Contact!

Sandman: Charge to contact! Let's keep moving!

Grinch: Providing cover fire! Move up!

Sandman: Go!

Grinch: Gotcha covered!

Sandman: Stay together! This way! Up top! Go, go, go!

Grinch: On the balcony!

Sandman: Hop the rail!

Grinch: Balcony's clear! Target, 12:00!

Sandman: Frost, up the ladder. We're on your six. Keep moving! The jamming system is up on the second tier! Frost, put thermite on the jammer's power supply! We'll cover!

Truck: Clear! Thermite's in place. Clear the blast radius!

Sandman: Burn it, Frost!

Truck: It's coming down.

Grinch: Adios.

Sandman: Overlord, this is Metal Zero-One! Target neutralized! Do you read me?

Overlord: Roger, 0-1. All systems are operational. We're sending a Black Hawk to your location for exfil, ETA three minutes.

Sandman: Roger, we're standing by.

Grinch: Contact!

Overlord: ISR is back online. We are detecting multiple hostiles on the rooftops in your area. You now have OPCON on a fully armed Predator.

Sandman: Frost, establish an uplink with the Predator and buy us some time! Multiple targets down! Send another missile, Frost! Hind incoming! Knock it out of the sky! Hind is smoking! Good shot! Here's our exfil! Load up! Load up!

Black Hawk Pilot: Confirm, four Eagles on board, exfil complete.

Sandman: Hold on! We're going vertical! Multiple contacts, lower rooftops! Frost, get on it!

Overlord: Metal 0-1, standby for new mission directive, over.

Sandman: Roger, Overlord. Send it.

Overlord: We have multiple Russian warships near our ports. We sent the SEALs to assault the command vessel. Proceed to New York Harbor to assist.

Sandman: Copy your last.

Overlord: Metal 0-1, be advised. We're seeing multiple enemy rotor-wings in your airspace.

Truck: Enemy bird incoming! Stay on him! Stay on him!

Sandman: Frost, down that Russian bird!

Black Hawk Pilot: Tally target! Right side, high!

Truck: Two more! Two more! We're taking heavy fire!

Black Hawk Pilot: Taking evasive action!

Grinch: Enemy bird is down! Good work!

Sandman: Keep scanning your sectors.

Grinch: I think we lost them!

Sandman: Shit! Enemy hind!

Black Hawk Pilot: Hold on! Banking left!

Grinch: He's behind the building! Behind the building!

Sandman: Frost, can you get a bead out on him? Fire!

Truck: Look out!

Sandman: We're hit! We're hit!

Grinch: Hang on!

Truck: Shit! We're going down!

Black Hawk Pilot: I've still got pressure in the pedals! Come on, you son of a bitch!

Grinch: Hold on!

Black Hawk Pilot: Torque feels okay! Tail rotor effective, hydraulics holding. Collective and pitch sat'. Fuel, 70%.

Sandman: Overlord, this is 0-1. We are on route to the harbor, over.

Overlord: Roger, 0-1. The skies are clear. Good luck, out.

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