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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Black Tuesday

Beat "Black Tuesday" of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed first person shooter from Infinity Ward.


F-22 Pilot: This is Lightning 3-1. Guidance systems are back online. Standing by with a full payload of JDAMs. Requesting clearance.

Overlord: Lightning 3-1, you are cleared to engage.

F-22 Pilot: Breaking the hard deck. T.O.T. 5 seconds. Weapons away.

Overlord: Verify initial strikes on the Predator feed.

Battle Captain: Sir - appears all sites have been neutralized.

Overlord: Good work, Sandman. We've regained air dominance over Manhattan and pushed the front line back to the river.

Sandman: What's our next target?

Overlord: The Russian command vessel is an Oscar-II submarine carrying enough cruise missiles to level the entire Eastern seaboard. We need to strike fast before they can launch a counter attack.

Sandman: Roger, what's the mission?

Overlord: Infiltrate the vessel, take over the bridge, then turn their weapons against their own fleet. I need you to link up with the SEALs and get it done. Good luck.

Sandman: Kit up, boys.

Grinch: Where's our infil point?

Sandman: Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.

Truck: I thought it collapsed.

Sandman: It did.

Grinch: In position.

Sandman: SDV Team 4, this is Metal 0-1. Radio check in the blind, over.

SEAL Leader: Roger, 0-1. We have you five-by-five. Phase line Echo secure. We have execute authority.

Sandman: We're one minute out.

SEAL Leader: Copy that.

Grinch: Just don't start the party without us.

Sandman: Almost through.

Sandman: Primary entry point is open, stay tight, easy to get separated down here.

Grinch: Damn. Think anyone got out?

Sandman: Nothing we can do for them now. Maintain 2,9,5 degrees. 300 meters to link up.

SEAL Leader: Metal 0-1, got you on the tracker.

Sandman: Roger, approaching rendezvous.

Sandman: SEAL team should be up ahead.

Grinch: I see them.

SEAL Leader: Sub's on the move. Intercept window is closing fast.

Sandman: Roger that, lead the way.

SEAL Leader: Watch your sonar. Russians are laying mines.

Sandman: Eyes on your sonar.

Grinch: Mine!

Sandman: Keep it steady.

Sandman: Right, right!

Sandman: Got another mine!

Sandman: Clear.

Sandman: Power down, here we go.

SEAL Leader: Target approaching. Oscar-2, eight o'clock.

SEAL Leader: Steady.

Sandman: Wait till she passes.

Sandman: Okay, go! Get in position.

SEAL Leader: Planting.

Grinch: Planting.

Sandman: Frost, plant the mine on the sub.

Sandman: Mine's armed. Clear out.

SEAL Leader: Good job. We'll prep the exfil.

Sandman: Going explosive. Hit it.

Sandman: Overlord, this is Metal 0-1. Sub is surfacing. Commencing assault.

Overlord: Roger, 0-1. Continue to Primary Objective. We need control of the sub's missiles.

Sandman: Hold position.

Sandman: Hatch opening! Contact coming out of the hatch!

Sandman: Frag out!

Sandman: Clear. Head down.

Truck: Deck secured. We'll hold topside.

Sandman: All right Frost, sweep and clear. All unknowns are hostile. Rendezvous downstairs.

Sandman: Frost, head down the stairs.

Sandman: Stairs clear. Take left.

Sandman: They're going to scuttle the sub! We've got to move, now! Frost, take point.

Sandman: We have to get to the bridge!

Sandman: Hold position at the door! Okay. Put a kicker charge on the door.

Sandman: Area secure.

Sandman: All right, I got the launch keys. Overlord, this is Metal 0-1. I send checkpoint Neptune, over.

Overlord: Roger, 0-1, copy Neptune.

Sandman: I have the missile key and I'm accessing the launch codes now.

Overlord: Grid coordinates follow: Tango Whiskey 0 5 6 6 2 8.

Sandman: Coordinates confirmed! Firing on Russian fleet in 30 seconds! Frost, get on the console!

Sandman: 3, 2, 1, Turn!

Sandman: Overlord, missiles armed and launching!

Overlord: Roger. SEAL team is in position for exfil.

Sandman: Go! Go!

Sandman: Grinch, Truck, let's roll!

Grinch: Amen to that!

Sandman: Frost, punch it!

Sandman: Missiles launching! Keep up with that zodiac!

Sandman: Gun it!

Truck: Missiles coming in!

Sandman: Keep on going, Frost!

Truck: Look out!

Sandman: Shoot the mines!

Sandman: There's our bird!

Sandman: There she is! Go! Go!

Chinook Pilot: Metal 0-1, we are feet wet!

Sandman: Overlord, mission complete. All Eagles accounted for.

Overlord: Roger, Metal 0-1, missile strikes confirmed on multiple Russian hard targets in your AO. All primary threats neutralized. Good work, team, that's one for the books.

Sandman: Easy day, Overlord. Sandman out.

Overlord: All friendly call-signs - we are no longer on the defensive. I repeat - consolidate and counterattack.

Green Beret: This is ODA Foxtrot! The Russians are disengaging! We've got them on their heels!

Price: Beyond the jagged edges of war, there were still Russians who rejected Makarov's lunacy. Men willing to stand against the tide.

Nikolai: Price, we've got vital signs but they're weak. Soap won't last without proper attention.

Price: He's a hard bastard. Trust me, he'll make it.

Loyalist: We're picking up inbound signatures.

Nikolai: We've got company.

Price: It's Makarov. He's tying up loose ends. Who's your best man?

Nikolai: Yuri. Ex-Spetsnaz. Only man I know who hates Makarov more than you.

Price: Get him. They'll use the ridgeline for cover and fly in from the south.

Nikolai: How do you know?

Price: It's what I'd do.

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