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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Mind the Gap (2 of 2)

Beat "Mind the Gap" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed first person shooter from Infinity Ward.


Bravo 6, come in. Bravo 6, do you copy? alright?

Bravo 6, what's your status?

The train's done in under Westminster. Those bastards were using it for transport.

Be advised, the trucks are headed in your direction. Get topside and RV with Bravo 2.

Copy. Come on, Burns. It looks like it's just us now. Baseplate, we got contact at Westminster Station!

Copy, Bravo 6. Teams are en route. ETA 10 minutes.

Tell them to double-time it now! Come on, mate! Let's give these bastards a proper British welcome! Let's give these bastards a proper British welcome! Let's give these bastards a proper British welcome! Check those corners! Watch for civilians! Baseplate! Where's that backup? [SP]

Local police are arriving on scene. Bravo 2 will be on station in five minutes.

Bollocks! [SP] Keep pushing! They're falling back! Up the stairs! Grenade!

They're arriving on scene now.

Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Nice timing, mates!

The truck is almost here! You'd better get topside!

All teams, be advised. The truck is headed your way and coming in hot.

Secure the area! The truck will be here any second! We need to lock this road down now! There's the truck! Weapons free!

Aim for that bloody driver!

Hold your fire! Hold your fire! All clear?


Baseplate, the lorry's down. We're secure. What the status on the others? Baseplate, come in. Baseplate, where are the trucks?!

You got it? Are you recording? Okay. So, this is day three in London, and we're off to...Sarah, tell daddy where we're going.

We're going to Big Ben!

That's right, Big Ben! Look, there it is, sweetie! It's right there. Honey, are you getting this?

Daddy, look over here! Look at me, daddy!

She is really hyper today! Sarah, don't go too far.

Birds! Look mommy, there's birds!

That's your daughter. You know she gets that from you.

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