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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Back on the Grid (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Back on the Grid" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


News Reporter: The Russian President never arrived in Hamburg for the peace summit. With his whereabouts currently unknown, no one is certain what this means for the peace treaty. . .

Soap: Looks like Makarov just played his next hand.

Price: If he pushes himself back on the grid, he wants it to be known.

Soap: Sp where do we start hunting?

Price: Africa.

Yuri: Makarov's been using a local paramilitary group to move shipments into Sierra Leone. From there they go towards Morocco and into Spain.

Soap: He's moving north.

Price: Right towards her majesty's doorstep. What's the cargo?

Yuri: I don't know, but it's important to him.

Price: Then I want it.

Soap: We can use the river to get in close. There's a factory in the camp where they store the shipments. The PRF's been waging genocide in the highlands for months. They'll be everywhere.

Price: Makarov wouldn't let this travel lightly if it didn't serve a greater purpose and chances are the bastard will be there personally to see things off. If he's back on the grid, then so are we. Nikolai, we're just outside the village.

Nikolai: Copy. I'll pick you up in one hour.

Price: The factory isn't far from here. Makarov's cargo should be there. Keep it silent. Let's move.

Soap: Maintain a low profile. The militia's all over this area.

Price: Soap, try not to die this time.

Soap: You worry about yourself, old man. Vehicles approaching.

Price: Get down.

[foreign dialogue 00:01:47]

Price: Move.

[foreign dialogue 00:02:17]

Soap: Two x-rays, eleven clock.

Price: Take them out.

[foreign dialogue 00:02:22]

Soap: They're going to torch the poor bastard.

Price: Let's light them up before they light him up. Take them out.

[foreign dialogue 00:02:27]

Price: Move. Tangos up ahead. Hold your fire. There's too many of them. Don't do anything stupid, lads. All right, get ready.

[foreign dialogue 00:03:38]

Price: Move. Get off the road. Get down! Now! Easy.

[foreign dialogue 00:04:02]

Price: All clear.

Soap: Hold up.

[foreign dialogue 00:04:30]

Soap: Clear. Two more on the bridge, we'll have to take them down.

Price: Wait for the truck to pass.

[foreign dialogue 00:04:43]

Price: Drop them. Move up.

[foreign dialogue 00:04:48]

Soap: I see the factory. It's just up the road.

Price: Right, Soap and I will advance. Yuri, you're on over watch. Get to a position on the roof and cover us.

[foreign dialogue 00:05:37]

Price: Hostiles approaching, five meters.

Soap: Two more from the West. Take them down. Moving up. Another patrol on the road, take them out quick. Moving.

Price: Moving. Breaching now.

[foreign dialogue 00:06:19]

Price: Clear.

Soap: Clear? The place is bloody empty.

Price: Nikolai, the factory is a dead end. No sign of Makarov.

Nikolai: He must have moved to the militia's headquarters at the center of town.

Price: We're moving there now.

Soap: Heads up, we've got company.

Price: We're compromised!

[foreign dialogue 00:06:41]

Price: Switch to your AK. Yuri, run! Rally on me!

[foreign dialogue 00:06:57]

Price: Yuri, push forward. Contact 12:00. Target acquired.

[foreign dialogue 00:07:45]

Soap: Area clear. Through here! Let's go!

Price: Yuri over here!

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