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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Mind the Gap (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Mind the Gap" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


The French just intercepted a message concerning a suspicious shipment headed for British soil.

Have we identified the vessel?

No sir, the call came from a number on the watch-list for Fregata Industries.

Wake up MI5 and notify them that we have an imminent threat.

Gentlemen, what do we know?

Nothing solid. Special Branch is sweeping up known persons of interest, but we advise tasking SAS to investigate Tier One threats.

Patch me through to Hereford.

Mam, I understand we have unknown hostiles expecting a package.

MI5 has identified several possible points of entry. Be advised, the nature of the cargo is currently unknown.

Roger, my team is making ready. We'll be on plot within the hour. Don't worry ma'am. Whatever they're up to, we'll put a stop to it.

Baseplate, we're online. [inaudible 00:01:15]

Roger that Bravo 6, there are multiple trucks in the docks marked Charity Worldwide, at this time we believe they are our target.

That's a dodgy way of doing charity work.

The trucks are leaving the docks right now.

Our source say what they were transporting?

Intel on this op shows the shipment came from the High Value Targets overseas. Be advised, one of the trucks is still at the docks.

Why not get a Spectre in here and sink the whole bloody thing in the river?

Too high profile, Bravo 6. Vulture's birds will provide air cover for now.

Let's just get this thing done and dusted.

FLIR is picking up heat signatures in the warehouses. You will need to clear those buildings before securing the truck.

My team will take Warehouse One, Bravo 9 will handle the other. Baseplate our window is closing fast. We're ready to kick this off.

Copy that. All teams, you've got the nod. Mission is a go.

Alright mate, let's do this. That's the warehouse in front of us. Burns, we'll sweep, you clean. Weapons free. Alley clear, move.

Got two more inside.

Make sure they don't wake up. Bravo 9, you got two behind the door.


Two targets down the alley. Ten meters.

Take them down.

Alley clear.

On me.


Alright. Cut it. Room clear. Up the stairs.

Got movement up ahead.

Burns, take point. Sounds like more around the corner.

Morning gents. [SP] Room clear.


Bravo 6, this is Sierra 1, two hostiles on the top floor of your building. Taking the shot. Send them. Outer perimeter is secure.

Greenlight on all teams. Go! Shoot the glass!

Target is shot. He's out of my line of sight.

[inaudible 00:03:58]

Bravo 6, Sierra 1. You're all clear.

Alright, set up a perimeter. Burns, open the doors. Baseplate, the lorry is empty. What's the status on the rest of them?

Bravo 6 [inaudible 00:04:47]


Target is shot. He's out of my line of sight.

Tracking target.

Take him out.

Vulture 2, sort them out! Move! Move!

Roger that. Inbound and hot. RPG! Pull up! Pull up!

Vulture 2, keep us covered.

Copy. Inbound for gun run.

Vulture 2, we're taking heavy fire from the West! I need you to hit them again!

Coming back around. Danger close.

They're falling back to the tube!

Baseplate, hostiles are making it back to the tube. We're pursuing on foot!

Copy that. Vulture 2-2, scout ahead and check stops. Find out where they're headed.

Vulture 2-2, breaking away.

Everyone in the trucks, now! Hold on!


Try and get along side it!

Incoming train! Go right! Go right!

A little close there, mate!

Sod off! We're still in one piece!

Just keep it steady! Baseplate, we're tracking hostiles through the tube! We need to know where they're headed!

Bravo 6, all metro exits from your location are located in the city, over.

Watch your fire! Civvies up ahead! Vulture 2, where the hell are you?

Got your position, got the target. Inbound and hot.

Why's that driver still breathing?

I can't get a shot!

This line goes straight to Westminster! We have to stop this thing, now!

I see the driver! Taking the shot!

Man down! Man down!

Hold on!

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