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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Back on the Grid (2 of 2)

Beat "Back on the Grid" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed first person shooter from Infinity Ward.


Soap: I think they know we're here.

Price: All that matters is Makarov's cargo. Keep moving. Technical dead ahead! Yuri, man the .50 cal. And lay down cover fire! Put fire on the technical! Enemy, rooftop, right! Contact Front! Contact Left!

Soap: Another technical incoming! Take it out!

Price: Contact Front!

Soap: Right, right! Mortar fire inbound! Hold on! Get up! We got to get the hell out of here! The whole militia is headed straight for us!

Price: Don't stop moving, or they'll dial in on us!

Soap: Mortar incoming right!

Price: Incoming left! Go!

Soap: Go, go, go! Yuri!

Price: Yuri, I see you! Just keep moving!

Soap: They're firing mortars from that tower!

Price: Yuri, slot the bastards!

Soap: They're down. We got a large group of militia headed our way.

Price: Then let's give them a proper welcome. Yuri, man the mortar on the roof.

Soap: Start putting shells downrange!

Price: Use the mortar and hose those bastards down! Looks like two technicals and a bunch of troops. Light'em up! All targets in the village are hostile! If it moves, put a mortar shell on it!

Soap: Keep firing the mortar!

Price: That's good for now! Let's move! We need to hit the church. We're running out of time.

Soap: Through here.

Price: Nikolai, approaching the church now. You're sure the cargo will be there?

Nikolai: It's the only area they could have moved it to. If not there, then it's already on it's way to Europe.

Soap: Let's hope he's right.

Soap: Area clear.

Price: Soap, get the door!

Soap: There's the church! Price! There's the bird! They're moving the cargo!

Price: We're out of time! Get to that church now! Yuri, push forward. Yuri, keep moving! Push forward to the church! Yuri, push forward.

Soap: Church is clear!

Price: Stack up on the door! All right, lads. Let's do this.

Price: They're getting away with the cargo! Damn! Nikolai, the shipment is gone. We missed our window.

Nikolai: What about Makarov?

Price: Must have done a runner. Just get us out of here.

Soap: Empty. What do you think Marakov was after?

Price: We'll ask the bastard when we find him.

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