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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Return to Sender (2 of 2)

Beat "Return to Sender" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed first person shooter from Infinity Ward.


Price: Nikolai, Waraabe broke. We have what we need. Ready for exfil.

Nikolai: Almost there. The LZ looks clear but that sand storm is moving in fast.

Price: We see it. Meet you in 20 seconds.

Soap: That storm is massive.

Price: The last thing we need is to get caught in that. Let's move.

Soap: So you think Waraabe was telling the truth about Volk?

Price: He was telling the truth. I'd bet Makarov's life on it. We'll start . . .

Soap: Sniper! Ambush!

Price: Nikolai, get out of there! Take cover! Contact right! Contact right!

Soap: Spread out!

Price: Get out of the open!

Soap: On the rooftops!

Price: Nikolai, change of plan! Head to the secondary LZ.

Nikolai: That sand storm is coming in fast. I won't be able to touch down once it hits.

Price: Just be there. We've got to push through to the secondary LZ before the storm hits. Let's move.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:01:36]

Nikolai: Price, the winds are getting stronger.

Price: Just hold on, Nikolai. We're on the way.

Soap: Contact front. Look out!

Nikolai: Multiple enemies are closing in.

Price: More of them on the roof!

Soap: Keep pushing through!

[Foreign Dialogue 00:02:25]

Price: The LZ is close. Keep moving! Nikolai, the LZ is in sight.

Soap: The wall! Watch out!

Nikolai: Move fast. I don't know how much longer I can fly in this storm.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:03:22]

Price: We need to push to the top floor. Let's move. First floor clear. Move! Watch it!

Nikolai: Starting my approach to the LZ.

Price: We'll meet you at the top, Nikolai. Suppressing fire!

Soap: Second floor clear. Keep moving!

Price: Nikolai, we're at the LZ. Where are you?

Nikolai: Almost there. The site is too hot. I can't land!

Price: Yuri, get on the remote turret and thin them out.

Nikolai: Their aim is getting better. That almost hit me! I hope my luck holds out! I'm hit! I'm hit!

Price: He's out of control! We've got to get off this roof! Go! Use the ropes!

Soap: Jump!

Price: Nikolai? Nikolai, do you copy?

Soap: What the bloody hell are we going to do now?

Price: Echo Team, Nikolai's bird is down and the sandstorm is on top of us. We need emergency exfil!

Echo Team: Roger. We'll contact you when we get a fix on Nikolai.

Price: Come on, lads! We've got to reach Nikolai before Waraabe's men do. Vehicle coming through. Stay low and keep moving!

Soap: I can't see two feet in front of me.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:05:15]

Soap: Hostile dead ahead.

Price: Take them out!

Soap: We're clear.

Price: We've got to move. Echo Team, what's your status?

Echo Team: We've located Nikolai's chopper. It's a half click south of your position.

Price: Get down!

[Foreign Dialogue 00:05:33]

Soap: They must have found Nikolai.

Price: Move out.

Soap: They know we're here! That was easy.

Team Two Leader: Price, we've reached Nikolai, but we're under heavy fire.

Price: Hang on, we're almost there!

Soap: Looks like they're headed for Nikolai.

Price: Drop them!

Soap: We're clear. There's Nikolai's chopper!

Price: Echo Team's pinned down. Let's move! Echo Team, we're approaching your position from the south!

Echo Team: Copy that!

Price: Good to see you, mates! Where's the convoy?

Echo Team: We've got two vehicles 50 meters to the northwest!

Price: All right, Yuri, grab Nikolai! Everyone else, suppress and fall back! Echo Two, we've got Nikolai! We're heading to the exfil point! Move out!

Soap: Follow me.

Echo Team: Echo Two, we're approaching the exfil point!

Price: Come on, Yuri.

Soap: There's Echo Team.

Echo Team: Let's go! They're just past the ridge!

Price: Yuri, this way!

Soap: We have to keep moving.

Price: Let's go! Come on! We got to move. Move out.

Echo One Leader: Glad you made it!

Soap: So if Volk's in Paris, how are we getting there in the middle of a bloody war?

Price: We can't, but I know who can.

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