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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Return to Sender (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Return to Sender" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


SAS Intel Officer: O.C., we've got a caller with a lead on the chemical attacks. Says he'll only speak to you.

Baseplate: Identify yourself.

Price: Mac, it's John.

Baseplate: We've put a lot of names on the clock tower this week lad.

Price: It was Makarov. The bastard slipped from my fingers in Sierra Leone. What does MI6 know?

Baseplate: You're on everyone's shit list, John. There's no way I can get you clearance.

John: Don't give me that. You still owe me for Prypiat and I'm calling it in.

Baseplate: Easy, son. All right, we've traced the delivery freighter to an outfit in Bosaso, Somalia. It's run by a nasty piece of work called Waraabe. My hands are full with the bleeding at home, so you're on your own. Good hunting.

Soap: What does the security look like?

Price: Strictly second division. Local triggermen guard the compound.

Soap: We'll stick out like bollocks on a bulldog. Stealth's not an option.

Price: Then we'll just have to kick in the front door. Tell Nikolai to ready his men. Just move quick and we can slick Waraabe before he folds.

Soap: The sand storm's moving in fast. we'll have one shot at this.

Price: Bravo team take point through the gate.

Soap: Nikolai, soften them up.

Nikolai: Missiles away.

Price: Targets ahead. Engage, engage.

Soap: Slot these bastards fast.

Price: Waraabe's compound is at the end of the road! Move! They're targeting us with mortars!

Soap: Nikolai, we need air support.

Nikolai: Moving into position now.

Soap: Yuri, you've got control. Light them up. Multiple kills confirmed.

Nikolai: Good kills, very good kills. That was too close.

Soap: Keep putting rounds down

Nikolai: Nice shooting Yuri, keep it coming. I'll come back for another pass.

Price: Don't get pinned down! Waraabe's just ahead! Technicals coming in from the north!

[Foreign Dialogue 00:02:43]

Price: Let's go. We have to get Waraabe.

[Inaudible 00:03:00]

Soap: Target building in sight! Watch for crossfire!

Nikolai: Price, the remote gun is online.

Price: Confirmed kill. Nice work.

Nikolai: More hostiles coming out of the buildings!

Soap: At least three kills confirmed.

Nikolai: Their aim is getting better.

Soap: Targets destroyed. Well done, Yuri. Keep putting rounds down.

Nikolai: Maneuvering around for another run. Additional forces closing in!

Soap: Move! Move! Let's find Waraabe.

[Inaudible 00:03:58]

[Foreign Dialogue 00:04:09]

Price: Lay down covering fire so we can move up the road!

[Foreign Dialogue 0:04:30]

Nikolai: I'm in position for another pass. Targets down. Keep it up. That almost hit me! Multiple kills.

Soap: Kills confirmed. Multiple kills confirmed.

Nikolai: Nice shooting, Yuri. Keep it coming.

Price: Bravo team, secure the perimeter. Yuri, Soap, let's find this bastard. Echo team, we're entering the target building.

Team Two Leader: Nikolai, prep for exfil. Echo team is standing by.

Price: Clear left. Watch those corners. Contact front!

Nikolai: Possible visual on Waraabe, second floor balcony.

Team Two Leader: Copy that. Possible on Waraabe, second floor.

Price: Bravo one, get in position.

Bravo Leader: Flanking now. Multiple hostiles entering second floor room.

Price: Waraabe's office is just ahead. That's the door to his office. All right, weapons tight. We need him alive.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:06:02]

Price: Gas masks on. Look familiar?

Waraabe: No! No! Please!

Price: Where's Makarov? Tell me and it's yours.

Waraabe: Our contact was a man named Volk! We never met Makarov!

Soap: Where's this Volk? Time's running out, mate.

Waraabe: Paris! He oversaw the delivery in Paris!

Price: Right then. This is for the boys at Hereford.

Waraabe: Wait!

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