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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Goalpost (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Goalpost" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


Male News Anchor: At 6:22 Greenwich Mean Time, chemical attacks were triggered across Europe.

Wallcroft: I repeat: Downing Street is within the contamination radius, over.

Female News Anchor: It's being called the worst terror event in history.

GIGN Commander: This is GIGN HQ. My men are dead or dying! I've been exposed!

Ramstein AFB: This is Ramstein! We're under attack!

Overlord: Roger - we are aware of the gas attack and are sending decon units your way.

Ramstein AFB: Not the gas! We're under attack by Russian ground forces!

Overlord: Say again, Ramstein. What Russian forces?

Ramstein AFB: The entire Russian army! Request immediate assistance.

Male News Anchor: Eye-witnesses are now reporting Russian tanks rolling down the Champs-Elysee.

Overlord: This was no act of terrorism. The attacks were intended to cripple our defenses and pave the way for an invasion. We need to hit them now with everything we've got.

Battle Captain: Sir, we've lost contact with the delegation in Hamburg.

Overlord: Metal 0-1, this is Overlord actual. You are being re-routed for Hamburg. We've got a principal level hostage rescue.

Sandman: Who is it?

Overlord: The Vice President.

Helix 2-3: This is Helix 2-3, we're one minute out.

Soldier 1: Copy that, 2-3.

Helix 2-3: I'm hit, I'm hit!

Soldier 1: 3-2 is hit. She's going down.

Soldier 2: Stay with me!

Radio: [inaudible 00:01:30] 30 seconds.

Radio: Roger, rapid 4 inbound.

Radio: We're after 2-6, troops on the deck going into holding deck.

Radio: Copy that 3-3 [inaudible 00:01:48] inbound.

Radio: [inaudible 00:01:51] 3-1 approaching staging area.

Radio: 3-2 on the deck, dropping off Rhino.

Radio: Go ahead 3-1. Approaching staging area.

Sandman: The convoy never made it to the extraction point. Let's find it and get these guys home. Rhino 1, you've got a T90 on the left side!

Rhino 2 Gunner: Hind! Hind!

Sandman: Move with the tanks! Keep going!

Soldier 3: This is 103. We're moving.

Soldier: Hey, man. We're getting pinned down with mortars!

Sandman: Keep moving! Use whatever cover you can find!

Soldier 3: Take cover behind the rock!

Sandman: Don't stop! Get off this beach!

Soldier 3: Get off the beach now!

Sandman: Don't slow down.

Soldier 4: Head for the wall! That's where the rally point is!

Rhino 1: Deploying smoke.

Sandman: Move! Move!

Rhino 1: We're going to need you boys to sweep the forward area. Make sure we're good to move up.

Sandman: Copy, we'll clear you a path! You're good Rhino 1! We'll take the right flank! Going right! Stick to the right flank!

Soldier 3: Incoming!

Sandman: Move! Move!

Rhino 2: Got two more T90's! Left side!

Rhino 1: Alright, stand clear. We're gonna get some rounds in that direction.

Rhino 2: Copy that, Rhino 1. We're right behind you.

Soldier 3: Acquiring target.

Sandman: Move! Move!

Soldier 3: Holding! Acquiring target. Holding! Holding! Acquiring target. Holding!

Sandman: What's the hold up?

Carter: The only way through is in that parking garage and out the other side! We're going to have to take it slow - not sure if it can handle the wei-

Sandman: Sniper!

Rhino 2 Gunner: Carter's hit! He's hit!

Frost: Where are the targets?

Sandman: Top floor of the building in front of you! Hit it now! Frost, get up on that mini gun! Up you go, Frost! Move it!

Rhino 2 Gunner: Hind! Hind!

Rhino 1: Back it up! Now!

Rhino 2 Gunner: Trophy system online!

Rhino 2: Get Down!

Rhino 1: Everyone OK?

Soldier 3: Holding!

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