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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Bag and Drag (2 of 2)

Beat "Bag and Drag" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed first person shooter from Infinity Ward.


Sandman: Checking for toxins. Hold up. I've got negative contamination in this area. Masks off but keep your eyes open. We need to minimize our signature. One light source only.

Sabre: Understood. Follow me. Stay close.

Overlord: Metal 0-1, Blue Force Tracker dropped the fix on your position.

Sandman: We're in the catacombs. Proceeding to possible target location.

Overlord: Roger, 0-1. We're sending a Ranger QRF to your location. Mark your route with flares so they can locate your position.

Sandman: Roger your last. 0-1, out.

Grinch: Smells like shit down here.

Sandman: Yeah, but at least it won't kill you.

Sabre: All clear. Move up.

Sandman: Where's the rest of the GIGN?

Sabre: A chemical strike hit our barracks at Satory last night. Most of my men died within minutes.

Sandman: A friend of mine was at Satory.

Sabre: Je suis desole...this is why Volk must pay for what he's done.

Grinch: He will. I'll see to that.

Sabre: Bienvenue.

Sandman: Stay sharp.

Sabre: This way. Approaching suspected location of HVI. 100 meters.

Grinch: How many bodies do you think are buried down here?

Sandman: Don't know. Let's make sure we don't join them.

Grinch: Flashbang! We got a runner! It's Volk!

Sandman: Overlord! We have a positive ID on the HVI! In hot pursuit!

Overlord: Roger, 0-1. Remember we need Volk captured alive. He holds the only actionable intel on Makarov.

Sandman: Move! Move! Move! Don't let him escape!

Grinch: He's heading up the ladder!

Sandman: Frost, up the ladder!

Grinch: Volk's getting in the gray sedan!

Sandman: Get in the blue van! Move!

Sabre: You go! I'll cover you!

Sandman: Frost, hurry. We gotta roll! The HVI is getting away! Keep laying down fire! Gun it! Frost! I need you back here now!

Grinch: Enemy tank coming out of the alley! They're targeting us!

Sandman: Step on it!

Grinch: Hind! Incoming!

Sandman: Drive! Drive!

Grinch: Taking a short cut!

Sandman: That helo's making another run at us!

Grinch: Got him!

Sandman: Frost, ride shotgun! We're gaining on him! Floor it!

Grinch: Target is dead ahead!

Sandman: Frost, take the shot!

Grinch: He's hit! He's hit!

Sandman: Rabbit vehicle is down! Get out! Come here, asshole! This is Metal 0-1! Jackpot! Volk secure! Aren't you, you son of a bitch?

Overlord: Bring him in for interrogation. We'll extract any intel he has on Makarov.

Sandman: Truck we got Volk. We're on our way.

Truck: Copy.A

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