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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Bag and Drag (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Bag and Drag" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


Operator: Caller, please authenticate.

Price: Access code: Black Viking. Get me a secure line to asset Metal zero one.

Sandman: Price, thanks for the tip on Kingfish. You should know, Uncle Sam's got a kill/capture order on your head.

Price: Tell them to join the bloody queue. Makarov's bomb maker, Volk, is in Paris. We need to act before he bolts and I can't make the window. You're the only one I trust with this.

Sandman: I'm on it

Price: The bastard used Fregata Industries as a front to distribute the WMD's. I'm en route to their European HQ.

Overlord: French special forces have located Volk. GIGN tracked him deep behind enemy lines, but they're pinned down.

Sandman: And you want us to unpin them?

Overlord: Prosecute the target as needed, but Volk comes back alive.

Soldier: OD station, this is five niner five, all civilians at the Louvre are dead, requesting decon units and medivac.

Overlord: Five niner five, this is Overlord actual. Negative. All US forces in Paris are engaged. Triage the civilians and move your team upwind of the plume.

Sandman: This area's still dirty from the chemical attack. Keep your masks on. Truck, we're on the deck and moving

Truck: Roger. I'll meet you at the LZ in one hour. Good luck.

Overlord: Metal zero one, GIGN is pinned down at the Palme d'or restaurant. Get there fast or we'll lose the only shot we've got at finding Makarov.

Sandman: Roger wilco.

Grinch: Five nine five sounds like they got hit hard. Lot of rooks in that unit.

Sandman: No one's a rook today.

Grinch: Watch your step.

Overlord: Zero one, be advised, GIGN is taking heavy casualties. They won't last long. You'll need to double time it to make the RV.

Sandman: Patch me through to them.

Sabre: This is Sabre! How much longer?

Sandman: Three minutes out. Just keep your perimeter secure. We're almost there.

Sabre: Please, just hurry!

Sandman: Let's go. This way! Move!

Grinch: Contact! Building across the street!

Sandman: Go loud! Down the stairs! Frost, with me! Hit the bookstore!

Grinch: On the balcony!

Sandman: Top floor clear!

Grinch: Taking heavy fire! Clear! Check the door! The restaurant's at the end of this alley.

Sandman: Sabre, this is Sandman. Watch your fire to the north. We are coming to you.

Sabre: Copy that. Merde, we're glad to see you.

Grinch: It's the GIGN! That all of them?

Sandman: What's your status?

Sabre: Seven men standing.

Sandman: Where's Volk?

Sabre: The Russians launched the chemical attack from a staging ground in the catacombs. We believe Volk is still there.

Sandman: We got your six, lead the way. Overlord, this is Metal zero one. Link up complete. We're en route to the HVI's location now. We've got to get across the courtyard! Frost, Grinch. Lay down cover fire. Move! Move!

Grinch: Moving!

Sandman: Go! Go! Go! RPG top of the stairs!

Sabre: Follow me!

Sandman: This way! Move!

Soldier: Tracking Target! Contact, 20 meters!

Grinch: Boss, we've got bad guys inbound.

Sandman: How many we got?

Grinch: Looks like Moscow down there! We're going to need air support!

Sandman: Warhammer, this is Metal zero one. Request fire mission, over.

Warhammer: Roger, Metal zero one. Established in orbit at 12,000 feet. Full load. Mark your targets. Firing.

Sabre: Down the alley!

Sandman: Let's go.

Warhammer: Visual friendlies. Call targets.

Grinch: Russians roping from the choppers!

Sandman: Frost, BTR at the end of the alley! Put smoke on it!

Warhammer: Good mark.

Sandman: BTR destroyed!

Grinch: We're clear!

Sabre: The entrance is up ahead.

Warhammer: Metal zero one, I am bingo on fuel. Give me ten mikes to gas up and rearm, over.

Sandman: Copy that. Thanks for the assist, Warhammer.

Sabre: Over here, the entrance to the catacombs!

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