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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Iron Lady (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Iron Lady" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


Presidential Aide: General, you're online with the President and the National Security Council.

Overlord: Mr. President...

U.S. President: General, have you found Makarov yet?

Overlord: No, but we've received actionable intelligence on his bomb-maker. The situation is developing.

U.S. President: Developing? Do you have him or not?

Overlord: A Delta team just took him down. I'm sending you the footage now.

U.S. President: What's their status?

Overlord: They have Volk in custody, but their OP-SEC's been compromised.

U.S. President: In English, General, please.

Overlord: They're going to have to shoot their way to the extraction point.

U.S. President: General, I want this man Volk alive. I don't care what it takes. You bring those men home in one piece.

Sandman: There's our ride. Get Volk. Let's go. Move. Move.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:00:54]

Sandman: Let's go! Let's go! Come on.

[Inaudible 00:00:57]

Sandman: Overlord, primary LZ is compromised. Raptor is down. Moving to alternate.

AC-130 Pilot: Descending, crew. Targeting system online. TV, verify you see our friendlies.

AC-130 TV Operator: Roger that. Friendlies are marked with white diamonds.

AC-130 Pilot: Just to, confirm crew, we are not clear to fire on the buildings. We suspect there are civilians still inside at this point.

AC-130 FCO: Do not engage the buildings.

AC-130 Pilot: Metal Zero One, established in orbit over AO Hammer. Request mark, over.

Sandman: Red smoke on the LZ! Need you to service targets north of that location! Everything else except danger close is clear to shoot.

AC-130 Pilot: Copy that, Metal Zero One. We got you. Crew, you are clear to engage any enemy personnel around you see.

Sandman: Warhammer, targets destroyed. Thanks for the assist.

AC-130 Pilot: Solid copy, Metal Zero One. Overlord, Metal Zero One is clear. Greenlight bomb run on target area west to east. I repeat, West to East.

Overlord: Copy. West to east. Odin Six, you are cleared for bomb run TRP five zero zero one.

AC-130 Pilot: Crew, hold fire to the south, friendly birds are entering the airspace.
AC-130 TV Operator: Wicked.

AC-130 FCO: Good shot.

AC-130 TV Operator: That's one hell of a fireworks display.

AC-130 Pilot: Metal Zero One, we're seeing enemy activity headed your way. Recommend you hold your position until we've swept up, over.

Sandman: Roger. Wilco.

AC-130 FCO: Cleared to engage all those guys.

AC-130 TV Operator: There's a BTR moving down the street ahead of them.

AC-130 FCO: Careful. We're not cleared to fire on any buildings.

Sandman: We've got smoke on the targets! You're cleared hot, Warhammer.

AC-130 TV Operator: Wicked.

AC-130 FCO: Yeah, direct hits right there.

Sandman: All right, they're falling back! Move up, move up!

AC-130 Pilot: Neutralizing targets, Metal Zero One. Danger close. Repeat, danger close.

AC-130 TV Operator: You got them. There we go. Wicked.

Sandman: Enemies on our flank!

AC-130 TV Operator: Yeah, he's toast.

Sandman: Good work, Warhammer. We're Oscar Mike.

AC-130 Pilot: Metal Zero One, we're engaging targets ahead of you. Hold your position.

AC-130 FCO: Two enemy birds in the center of the fork, there. Watch those buildings. There might be civilians in there.

Sandman: We need that BTR neutralized!

AC-130 FCO: Vehicles neutralized.

AC-130 TV Operator: Wicked.

AC-130 Pilot: Metal Zero One, looks like you're clear to move up. We'll keep an eye on you.

Sandman: We're going to keep left at the fork, over.

AC-130 TV Operator: Wicked. Woah!

Sandman: Warhammer, we got RPG fire from the building in front of us! Need you to hit it now!

AC-130 FCO: Copy that, we got smoke trails from RPG fire to the northwest.

AC-130 Pilot: Overlord, we're seeing small-arms, RPG fire from the corner building to the northwest. Request permission to engage.

Overlord: Copy. Standby. Affirmative, Warhammer. You are cleared to fire on any buildings with enemy personnel.

AC-130 TV Operator: That building is done.

Sandman: Thanks for the assist! We're going to cut through the hotel across the street!

Jester 2-5: MiG inbound, 10:00!

AC-130 Pilot: Incoming missile!

Jester 2-5: Shit! Broke lock!

AC-130 FCO: Flares, flares!

AC-130 TV Operator: Flares away, flares away.

AC-130 Pilot: Clean up that signal.

Jester 2-5: Jester Two Five, breaking away! In pursuit! Stay on him! Air speed 300. Going for missile lock. Warhammer, LANTIRN is pinging all over the place. We need to clear out.

AC-130 Pilot: Copy that, Six Two.

Sandman: We're taking more fire from the embassy! Give us a hand!

AC-130 Pilot: Metal Zero One, we can give you one pass and one pass only.

Sandman: Building across the courtyard! Give me a 105 round right through it!

AC-130 Pilot: Negative, Metal Zero One. We're under heavy enemy fire. Give us five mikes to circle back around.

Sandman: All right. We'll draw fire. Truck and Frost, flank that MG so we can keep moving. Get ready. Go! Go! Go! We're taking heavy fire! Get that MG down, now!

Truck: All right, tag him.

Sandman: Take out that MG so we can move up! All right, he's down! Let's go! On me!

[Inaudible 00:05:38]

[Foreign Dialogue 00:05:58]

Sandman: Let's go! Let's go! Grinch, keep Volk behind cover!

Grinch: Affirmative!

Sandman: Move! Move! Come on! We're going to strongpoint that monument just ahead! Grinch, bring Volk up when we're secure.

Grinch: I'll be right behind you!

Truck: The convoy will be here any second!

[Inaudible 00:06:45]

[Foreign Dialogue 00:06:57]

[Inaudible 00:07:01]

Truck: Tank!

Sandman: Talk to me, Warhammer, where are we at?

AC-130 Pilot: Zero One, we're back on station and available for 10 mikes.

Sandman: We have enemy armor right in front of us! We're marking with smoke! Get smoke on that tank!

AC-130 Pilot: Okay, got your mark. Danger close.

Uniform 6-2: Metal Zero One, this is Uniform Six Two. En route to your location.

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